Self-F*ck Instructions

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Posted by MIke ( on October 21, 2004 at 11:55:53:

To those interested, I found a message on another board that desribes how to SF. I thought it was pretty clear; it's essentially the same method that I use:

There are a few methods but I'll tell you mine, find a couch or bed that is hip level. Put your left knee down and your right knee on the couch or bed then cup your soft flacid penis from the front with your left hand, move your testicles to the side and rotate it 180 degrees so that the head is pointing towards your anus then past it (so just twist it a little and push foward). Make sure you do the pushing towards your anus with your left hand. Now lay foward onto the couch (you might want to do this before you do the pushing)

You have to be quick before you start to get hard. If you do get hard stop for a minute put a toy in your anus and hold it there till you're soft again then try again. once your penis is above your anus and soft reach around the back with your right hand and try to pull and push head in. Now this part is very important, when you push the head in make sure you push 1 inch below the head, this is why it's so important to be soft, so essentially you're pushing down on your penis around the part right before your dickhead.

with a little work and a little practice it'll go in, believe me and you'll never forget. Once it's in you'll feel yourself get hard inside yourself almost instantly, you can keep a finger in there to prevent it from popping out or you can use your right hand to help push it in and out. Now just do this until you hit the promise land, it can be very exhausting so take it easy.

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