Re: To think I could do this as a teen as opposed to now...

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Posted by N.E. Dave ( on November 20, 2004 at 14:09:51:

In Reply to: To think I could do this as a teen as opposed to now... posted by ShyGuy666 on November 19, 2004 at 01:08:53:

: Discovering this site brought back some happy memories, though I didn't realize it at the time. I hope I can manage to suck my dick again one day.

: When I was a teen, I was thin enough that I could manage to suck the head of my penis. It was part of my early sex experiments. In fact, the first time I accomplished anything, things went somewhat wrong. You see, nobody ever 'coached' me on the art of masturbation, so it took a bit of trying to understand the mechanics of it (made more difficult by the fact that my foreskin is just a bit too tight to pull back and expose the entire head). So there I was, sucking my dick as best as I could, with my back hurting quite a bit. I could feel something holding back, so thinking this was it (in fact, I don't even think I had even cum once back then) I stared pushing and straining like mad until it gave in. Do you know what my mouth was flooded with? Urine! Damn did I feet embarassed by that, since I had to hold it in until I could spit it out and let the rest go in the toilet. Anyway...

: A while later, after I started cumming and understood the inner working of penile stimulation better, I started sucking my dick on a more regular basis. The thing is, it wasn't even pleasurable at the time, though since I was sucking with the foreskin in place it's understandable that it didn't really stimulate me (but at the time, I didn't even know that you were supposed to be able to pull it back). I'd usually suck at it for a while, then I'd masturbate over my face and drink the cum.

: There was one time where I manage to suck myself top an intense orgasm. On that day, I decided to see if sucking could actually provide some pleasure. So I started sucking the head of my penis like there was no tomorrow. Not moving in or out or using my hand, just sucking continuously as if my life depende on it. And I started feeling something. The pleasure started very faint, then I felt it growing from the inside of my urethra. Still I didn't stop until my cock felt like it was literally on fire and started cumming like crazy inside my mouth! It was one of the most powerful orgasm I ever felt.

: Unfortunately, over a decade later, I've grown a bit fat, lost a *lot* of flexibility in my legs and back, and thus no matter how much I try, I can only bring my cock to about 6 inches of my mouth. I hope I can manage to suck myself again one day. As for self-fucking, I hope I can manage this one day too, though so far I'm having a hard time with anal penetration. It's not that it feels bad in itself, but my anus is very tight, and I can usually only work in a finger or two, so I'm having a hard time stretching it.

: Does anyone here have tips to help with both activities? I'd really appreciate it.

I started to try to self suck around 1992 or 93 at about the same distance from my goal too. I was Forty yrs. old at the time. It took along time to get there but now I can get the head in my mouth easily. I believe that being much younger than me, you can do it too. Slow stretching and patience will help you achieve your goal. There are alot of suggestions throughout this message board and in the tutorial section on this site. Keep trying, Good Luck! N.E.Dave

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