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Posted by adicktd ( on November 29, 2004 at 23:02:22:

In Reply to: Re: pumps? posted by autofl8 on November 28, 2004 at 23:13:16:

thank you gentlemen. i think i'll try it. never thought a few years ago i'd actually get my dick in my mouth, and thats worked out great. sometimes i think i'll never get as flexible as others, but i'll keep goin..

: Know what? I have to admit I've experimented with it a bit with some success. I've tried a pump with moderate pressure (around 5"hg) for 45 minutes, and been able to increase my length by about 3/4" for an hour or so. So they do work, and supposedly over time (years) they will give you some permanent girth and length...if you stick with it several times per week.

: AZ is right that most of the gain is girth, and there is some danger. However, I don't think the danger is that great if you are careful and stay at around 5"hg or so. Pumpers at greater vacuum will get waterblisters, and the penis will fill up with lymph fluid. It looks huge for a day, but the lymph fluid goes away within that period...and while the lymph fluid is being reabsorbed, the penis looks really stupid and lumpy.

: However, the blisters take up to a week to heal. Even worse is if the penis bruises with stagnant blood by staying at low pressure too long. That's ugly.

: : i just finishe gobbling my wad --great self session. i have 7.25 inches rock-hard. wish it was longer. i never used a pump before but heard they do enlarge fo a an hour or so. has anyone one reading this ever used a pump? i can only suck the head want more!

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