Re: What about the nuts???

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Posted by Carl ( on December 05, 2004 at 22:40:07:

In Reply to: Re: What about the nuts??? posted by Ottawa guy on November 03, 2004 at 13:10:34:

Yea, Flashback has alot of really hot scenes..Al Parker was brilliant!

I've both self ball-fucked and self-fucked myself a number of times after self fisting/ self punch fucking my hole wide open.

Another extremely fun thing has been getting fucked by cock and balls, the whole package..

I've only done this about three times but the last guy was a hottie with the hugest balls and a taut leather ballstrap that felt incredible. He would alternate between ball fucking and package was mind-blowing!

keep pushing the limits guys!


: If you guys haven't seen it, there is an old Al Parker video, "Flashback", that features a great scene where Al ball-fucks his partner ... a must see.

: : Hy Sven,
: : I do a little bit of ball stuffing in "One Man Show" and a good deal of it in "Solosexual". It's one of those things that really hurts and yet... I still get off on it. I've also ball-fucked a couple of other guys; if his ass is relaxed enough it doesn't hurt at all; it fels great!
: : AL

: : :: Has anyone successfully inserted their testicles into anyone or themselves??? I have had a partner get his nuts inside my ass and I have actually seen a website with quite a few photos of guys auto inserting their balls into their asses. Gay or not, I don't care, and I hope you all don't either, so what if you do!! My question is this:
: : : 1. What is this action called when done by yourself?
: : : 2. What is it called when you do this do someone else?
: : : 3. Does anyone know of a webpage that has photos?

: : : Unfortunately, I failed to save the site that I stumbled accross and cannot find it in my "history".
: : : I think this is really hot, I don't care if it is performed solo or with a partner. If anyone can give me more insight on this then please send me an email or post a message. The website I found the pictures on called it by a certain name, if anyone knows what else to call it besides "Nutt Fucking" or Ball Stuffing" then leave your input as well!!

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