Re: Need ideas on how do eat my own cum

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Posted by cranky ( on December 09, 2004 at 11:59:59:

In Reply to: Re: Need ideas on how do eat my own cum posted by anon on November 08, 2004 at 09:16:47:

I too have lost my libido regarding many fantasies, including shooting my load in my mouth and eating my load from my wife's pussy. But similar to what ANON wrote, I can get a huge load of precum and cum out before I climax. Not to gross you out, but I usually can do this while sitting on the 'can'. I do 'Kegel' exercises (squeezing your sphincter muscles). This along with the prostate stimulation caused by the BM causes the cum to work itself out. You get this great mini orgasmic sensation. Then seconds later, the load starts leaking/flowing. At this point I am glad to lick it up off of my fingers. As I continue this, the flow becomes less precum and more cum. If I decide to actually jerkoff at this point, the climax is almost dry since I have already emptied my load. If your interested, I'll tell you about my showerhead experiences.

: cant believe i am posting here...

: i am a self sucker who has/had the same problem. i find comfort in reading this and knowing others also lose their libido almost instantly on orgasm. on willpower and hornieness alone, i got as far as coming in my mouth, but always had to spit it out. my "solution" for eating my loads is finding my breaking point, and good muscle control.

: from jerking hard, approaching orgasm, i slow down and then stop at just the right moment. relaxing my muscles completely (not easy), i go to pressing hard under my balls to push the first shot that might have retreated to come up. *without coming*. so i get at least one full shot, sometimes half my load, without hitting orgasm. it just runs out if you do it right, so be sure to have your mouth on it. ;oP then go on for however much longer you want ... mmmm ..hours.. once i have eaten that much and have been jerking with the taste in my mouth, i can usually eat the rest after i come.

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