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Posted by Frank Stein ( on December 11, 2004 at 08:26:05:

In Reply to: Re: Mitral Valve Repair posted by Al Eingang on December 06, 2004 at 11:37:06:

Hi AL.
I'm a M.D. PhD an working in a cardiology department in Germany, attached to a thoracic surgery department. First of all if you have a mitralvalve replacement you will always have a murmur (due to the mechanical valve). The magnitude of the murmur is not correlated to an eventual leak. If you suspect that blood is leaking aside the valve , you need to have a echocardiografphy (Ultrasound of the heart), this would reveal a leak. An eventual treatment might include surgery, but you can as well close the leak with a balloondevice (this doesn't require open surgery)

Any kind of sexual activity, as any kind of psychic or physic stress, will raise your systolic (high) blodpresure. There's as far as I know no contraindication to raising your blood pressure due to a mitralvalve leaking. Though having Marphans syndrome increases the risk of aortadissection this risk can be reduced by reducing a high blood pressure.

There's no relationship at all between self-sucking and heart problems.

Hope the info is usefull to you.

I'm also dedicated selfsucker since i was 15 years (now I'm 40), i can almost suck all of my 5'5 cock.
Frank Stein, Germany

: Hi Frank,
: I had a repair, rather than a replacement, about 6 years ago. The main heart/self-suck connection for me is that the doctors speculate that I have a genetic condition related to the Marfan Syndrome. I don't have classic Marfan, but one of the symptoms is extreme flexibility, which I definitely got.
: The other possible connection that concerns me is that my repaired valve will never be as sound as a healthy valve. I've had a slight murmer since soon after the surgery; probably the result of a stitch that didn't hold. The doctor has warned me that activities that raise my blood pressure significantly can put extra pressure on the valve and might hasten the worsening of the murmer, possibly leading to more surgery. His example was weight lifting, which I do in moderation. Does self-sucking raise your blood-pressure? I'm not sure and will continue to investigate. I don't know if that would be a concern with a replacement valve, but I'd be surprised if the amount of bending required for tip-licking played any role in your heart problem (but what do I know?)
: Glad to hear your surgery went well!
: Al Eingang
: : Hi Al,

: : I purchased two of your videos three years ago and
: : I play them a lot. My question for you concerns
: : a comment I read by you recently in which you stated
: : you had mitral valve repair/replacement and (I may
: : have this wrong) the heart problem was in some way
: : related to self-sucking. I attempt self-sucking
: : once in a while (tip licker only) and just underwent
: : mitral valve replacement, too. Can you clarify a
: : bit more. I am fascinated. I have always felt that
: : my self-sucking may have led to or hastened my mitral
: : valve problem. In your case, is there a connection?

: : Frank Thompson
: : Ruidoso, New Mexico

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