Re: You guys are dispicable!

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Posted by Darrin ( on December 18, 2004 at 23:36:36:

In Reply to: Re: You guys are dispicable! posted by Ric on December 16, 2004 at 09:10:16:

I agree with this guy, Bev (may I call you Bev?). I'm a fairly well accomplished SSer, doing it at least once a week. The cum thing? Do you swallow? I too am a normal married guy, enjoying my wife giving me head. She doesn't swallow, I think she'd vomit if she tried. She loves my cock though, and once I was able to really suck it (like below the head, where it tastes best), I know why. I'm delish. And I swallow my own sperm most of the time. I had to (at first) kind of force myself, but it didnt' start as a craving for semen; it just seemed normal to complete the job, not pull away as I have to with my wife. Now that I swallow my own, I do tend to crave it, and do not feel gay. Hard to explain, but maybe for a total, erotic completion, you should try swallowing it. It's more satisfying.

: Beverly, I don't think there is much wrong in trying to suck your own cock, as it is a natural urge when you are young and I don't think it represents any gay characteristic or tendency. However I do wonder though about swallowing semen/cum. There are many women out there that can enjoy sex and performing fellatio without the need to swallow cum. I do think that when the object of fellatio is to swallow the cum then I think there is definately a gay tendency - if not overt. Most gay guys just think of swallowing as much cum as they can, sucking the cock is a means to an end.

: Now, I am a normal married guy, and have been married, for 27 years and we are very happy...but I have to admit that when my wife swallows my cum I am often thinking of what it would be like. She can never articulate what its like, she just always says "it's okay" - so it has crossed my mind for me to kiss her with her mouth full of cum - maybe that could be the first step :-)

: : I never knew men could do this to themselves! I'm mortified! I caught my husband doing this just today. I came home early and ther he was, feet thrown over his head, against the wall, all sweaty .. I thought he was having a seizure! I nearly died. This is the most disgusting thing a man can do! It's worse than cheating-and he is cheating! I then searched computer history and found this site. You men need to stop .. my god!

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