Re: Explanation of X Position?

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Posted by mystery sucker ( on January 02, 2005 at 12:22:07:

In Reply to: Re: Explanation of X Position? posted by autofl8 on November 18, 2004 at 03:17:05:

: Yeesh...where do I begin. What's worked for me is to use the "C" to warm up and get my back flexible, and then I go into a partial x, where pits of my knees are behind my shoulders. If you can get there...use that position to leverage your legs pulling you deeper.

: Careful! Don't go much farther than just the legs behind the shoulders unless you are more limber than I was when I first started. Do that regularly as part of a stretching routine until it's easy to do it within 15 minutes or so of starting. Then..time to go deeper and work on getting your ankles crossed back there...once you're have it...keep workign at it slowly and you'll be able to do the full-x within a few months.

: Hope this made sense

: : I recently tried this position after using the plough and other assorted positions (C position in chair). The most I can do is lick the head, or if I'm lucky, put my mouth around a little bit of the head (in the plough that is).

: : The X position looks like you can get the most depth. However, I've been unable to put my legs around my head like you see in the pictures. So what I try is the modified X position I read here where you put something around your ankles and that put your legs up until your head goes through. I'll tape myself on cam, and while the position looks pretty hot, the most I can do is lick.

: : So I'm wondering how do you get the legs over and around the head? From there, do you just bend over, or do you grab the ass and bring it to the face?

: : Furthermore, do the legs being behind the head aide in pushing you? Maybe if I can get them up and over, I'll be able to suck finally.

: : I really want to be able to fully suck myself off and cum. Just once and I'll be happy and never try it again (probably not). Just to say I did it. I just continually think about it, and want to finally do it.

: : Please give me some tips on finishing this off.

posted by mystery sucker:
i have always been gifted with the ability to suck myself off, and there is no way of forcing your body to let you, its either somthing you got or somthing you aint got. go to my site to see my pictures, the site still needs a little work but its getting there. by the way if there are any porn producers out there woh want to sign me up, please email me.

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