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Posted by happy boy ( on July 29, 2004 at 16:57:08:

In Reply to: Impressed posted by Topher on July 12, 2004 at 20:39:44:

everyone is different, it is hard to say what a good time frame is for expecting results. i started in my teens, and back in the early 80s there was no sort of 'support group' like this...i just thought 'wouldn't it be cool...' and tried it. i was unsucsessful the first few fact i was ready to give up one night (thinking 'i must be nuts for trying') when my tongue hit my glans for the first time! i hadn't been on any type of flexing program, i just did it. on the other hand, i have heard folks in here and other groups who have spent a year or more learning to bend before even getting close.

self-restraint is important...learn not to go past your limits. i've never had to stretch clothed to resist temptation, if i couldn't bend that far some nights, i would just give it up and use the old hand. that's not to say i've never overexerted myself, but only a couple of times in the 20 or so years i've been at it.

the big thing is to just keep trying...some days you will be more flexible than others and i haven't heard a definitive list of what always causes one day to be beter than another. even when i was at my best there were some days i couldn't get close...i'm out of shape and out of practice at the moment, but while i can barely lick the head most of the time there have been a few nights i decided to try and was able to get the head all the way in...sometimes i think the stars just line up the right way or something! ;o)

i have been thinking i should post some of my own tips, especially since i have a few that i haven't seen other folks mention. too many thing to do right now though...maybe i'll get to it later tonight or tomorrow...

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