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Posted by happy boy ( on January 07, 2005 at 17:53:13:

In Reply to: My despicable Zeke posted by Beverly on December 31, 2004 at 10:48:32:

i have been debating whether to 'feed the troll' by responding to this for a few days now...i think most of the points that need to be made have been made, but on the slim chance that you really are the wife of some politician, i will reitterate them here for you:

i admittedly know nothing about the rest of your relationship, but from the brief glimpse you have given us, *you* are difinitely more in need of therapy than your husband. he is harming nobody, and doing nothing that any man wouldn't if he was capable, yet you have obviously flown off the handle and kicked him out, brought him back under conditions of slavery, shamed and drugged him with the questionable help of supposed professionals (this is the part that really convinced me you are just a needle-dicked troll...if you really did find therapists and doctors who are on your side in this, i would love to get their names so i could get them thrown out of the medical profession.)

you say you are worried about the ramifications to his political career, yet you have taken what he has kept as a private thing for who knows how long and blabbed it to several people who are now in opportune positions to blackmail you with it.

you have said you feel he is cheating on you, but if nobody else is involved it is just masturbation no matter what your twisted little mind believes. cheating on you would be getting a blow job from one of his students or another woman in the hotel you sent him to.

likewise, you express concern that he is gay. again this is not true unless he is making love to another man. sucking his own cock doesn't make him any more gay than old fashioned jacking a handjob to another man is a gay act, giving one to yourself is just masturbation...same goes for oral sex. if there are no other people involved in a sexual act, it is by definition masturbation.

you have said that you do it all for your husband, and that he doesn't need to do what you do for him...again not true. when my wife and i first met, we went at it like bunnies several times a day, several times a week but i never stopped masturbating during that time (sure, i cut back, but have *never* stopped since i discovered how to do it in grade school). no matter how much or how often you perform for your husband, there will be times that he just needs to take care of things himself, and there can be no partnership (i.e. healthy relations) between the two of you unless you can come to grips with that (no pun intended).

if you truly are a real person going through this (which i sincerely doubt), and you want to have an open minded and honest discussion about the subject with a straight, married man who has been able to do this from time to time, feel free to e-mail me at the link above.

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