Re: Need ideas on how do eat my own cum

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Posted by liked it ( on January 07, 2005 at 20:35:05:

In Reply to: Re: Need ideas on how do eat my own cum posted by Agreed on January 04, 2005 at 21:40:56:

: : : : : : I cum in a glass, but my libido drops so fast, I can't do it. I think about doing it all the time. Any ideas on how to overcome the block?

: : : : : Can you ss? If so, you can just shoot directly in your mouth before that feeling overtakes your libido. If not, you could still aim for your mouth and shoot it in. Either way, swallow it before you lose the urge to eat it. If you save it like bicurious 41 suggests,(I've done that too) I would drink it as you are cumming, before the urge goes away. that worked for me. Now that I ss all the time, I almost always swallow it and don't even give it a second thought.

: : : : I self-sucked a lot in HS & college, head over heels style mostly, and didn't have trouble either cumming with the head in my mouth or shooting into my open mouth. To eat my own I use a metal shotglass that easily warms up to body temp when held next to my balls while jacking; when I blow into the metal shotglass, held tightly in my non-jerkin hand to keep it warm, immediately after shooting, I just keep a firm grip and tip it into my open mouth. I have adapted to doing this as a "cycle" i.e. a part of my getting off, which isn't over until I've reflexively dumped the warm metal shotglass load into my hungry mouth. Once it's there, it's easier to swollow than spit [you're right tho, it's very common to completely loose interest in eating your own once you've cum]. Try my method, with practice and horniness, it may work for you.........Jakdude

: : :
: : : aa

: : The key is to train yourself to let the cum ooze out without actually having an orgasm. I've learned to do this. Now I can not get enough.

: I've learned to milk out most of my cum without a full orgasm also. Now I just love eating my own cum. I'll work myself up for hours to biuld up the biggest load possible. Once I've tasted the first bit of pre-jizz I want as much as possible until I have a full orgasm. It takes practice but it is really worth the effort. Cum does need to e fresh and warm, so don't bother trying to save it for the next time.

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