Re: Anyone ever try this position?

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Posted by N.E.Dave ( on July 30, 2004 at 18:35:25:

In Reply to: Anyone ever try this position? posted by Mike on July 30, 2004 at 16:39:33:

: The most depth I have ever achieved in ss-ing (all the way to the base) is using a position that I have not seen described on this site. It does require some extra balance and flexibility than other positions, and because of the force that it allows you to generate, it is dangerous if you are not careful.

: I lie on the bed with my head about a foot away from the headboard and two pillows tucked firmly underneath my shoulders and head as if I were watching tv in bed. I raise my legs up and over my head so that they are nearly straight and almost vertical, and my toes are against the wall over the headboard. At this point, my ass and lower back are off the bed and my head and shoulders remain in the tv-watching position.

: I move my feet slowly down the wall allowing my ass to come down and the middle/lower part of my back to make contact with the bed. At this point, my cock is at or below mouth level (this is key), and my cock is almost touching my lips or as close as possible. Making sure that my toes are firm against the wall, I wrap my arms just below my knees, then simultaneously try to straighten my legs and contract my buttocks to thrust my hips in towards my mouth. A variation on this is to grab on to your butt and pull your hips in as you straighten your legs. The thrusting power is created by the force in trying to straighten your knees with your feet immobile against the wall.

: Once comfortable with this position, I have found that I can do repeated deep thrusts with my hips, taking in my whole cock; or, if I release my arms from around my knees, I can free my hands to massage my cock and balls while I'm thrusting and still get a decent penetration depth.

Hey Mike, I have used this position alot too. the only thing I find is that if I am not careful, I strain my neck and feel like I am crushing my windpipe. Proper support of my upper back and freedom of movement for my head and neck usually helps me to achieve deeper s.s. also. This is how I usually cum with the head of my cock past my teeth, deep in my mouth. Thus, I can feel my cockhead throb as I swallow every drop of cum!!! I can hardly wait till I achieve deep throat status. Thanks for the tip!! N.E.Dave

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