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Posted by N.E.Dave ( on July 30, 2004 at 20:44:33:

In Reply to: More tips on autofucking posted by autofl8 on July 29, 2004 at 02:58:00:

: I have not ready any tips from others on autofuck yet, so I might be covering old territory.

: I learned to autofuck loooooong before selfsuck. I found all sorts of hands-free ways to do it, always involving straddling something smooth. Early on, I used a clean bath tub edge. Later, I invented means to get better angles to get the best angle on my cock while laying down on an inclined weight bench with a coke bottle levered into the gap where the bench pivots up. I've even fucked myself while riding a road-bike. Now that was hot.

: If you're turned on to watching yourself in action.. you can rig up a 2x4 with plastic wrapped around it, lean it up against a lavatory sink at a 45 degree angle to the floor, straddle it as I discuss below, and watch yourself fuck yourself! Max penetration just below you come is accomplished by pulling up on the 2x4 with one hand behind, and one hand in front...and ohhhhhhh.

: I don't do it much anymore because it's messier than autosuck, and awefully addicting. Autosuck, I need some recovery time between, but, I could do it twice a day. Not so good for relationships..

: Here's some of my tricks...

: 1-you get more length available if you twist your cock 90-180 while rotating it to the side and around your balls and behind while semi-hard. I've found that rotating one-way is easier than rotating the other, and I get much better penetration by rotating to the left than to the right.

: 2-while semi-erect, while stradling a bathtub edge (or chair arm with plastic laying over it) curve your cock under the cup of your hand (well lubed) so your cock conforms to hand curvature. This curves the penis head so that it's pointing straight in. Like I said, rotating the cock around one side or the other works much better for me than just bending it down.

: 3-now sit down while straddling the bathtub (or chair arm) on your're leaning forward and sitting so that the back of your hand is against the tub, and the base of your palm is pressing against the root of your penis. It is more comfortable to me to push my balls under me, to the side and behind, than in front of me...much more comfy...

: 4-Now...your penis has full length available for penetration and it is curved into your palm, and the head is almost curved enough to be perpendicular to your anus.

: 5-gently guide the penis in with the middle three fingers of the hand you're sitting on. Once you're penetrated, and you're loosened up and lubed up, remove your hand.

: 6-you can fuck yourself hands free this way while straddling the edge by rolling your pelvis forwards and backwards while straddled over the tub or chair arm. Your penis should stay pretty soft around the area that is bending and against the tub or chair arm, but the rest of your cock is hard and jammin'

: 7-use plenty of lube around your penis, your balls, and around your groin while doing this, as you can develop a nasty rash (raw)for several days if you don't.

: 8-ejaculation is pretty fucking amazing...especially if you are long enough to bang your own prostate this way, and you can get really carried away, since you're not using your hands. Use your hands to caress your body, squeeze your nips or...double-fuck your self with a nice long-ass average girth that's a screamer.

: If you're so adept as to be able to both autosuck and autofuck, a session where you autofuck to near ejaculation, and then autosuck the last bit is quite rewarding. quite.

: autofl8

I have not been very successful trying to autofuck since I always seem to slip out when I get hard.I tried your method(rotating) but could never stay inside.After reading your post I tried it using your method only this time I entered soft and kept pressing on the base (soft) while the rest got hard. WOW!!it worked. I rode a rolled up towel and got to climax! The feeling was I have almost 8 inches and the feeling of my cock head inside tickling my prostate was amazing. Thanks for the advise, it worked for me!WOOOOW!!! N.E.Dave

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