Repost: Good preparation and stretching tips

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Posted by tso ( on July 31, 2004 at 02:46:19:

[Repost, from before the board crash. Sorry, I didn't copy the name of the author of this post.]

First it sounds like your body is in the right weight range. Perhaps drop a few pounds if you can - especially if you're heavier in the gut. My stats are about the same: 5'-10", 145lb, 6" dick, 32" waist. As far as physiology, I think the best attribute outside of a natural flexibility is to have a longer, flexible neck.
If you only tried a couple of times, I wouldn't worry yet. It took me many tries before I could touch easily. Months before I could take my head in, and years to get to the bottom of it. Hehe. But it was all worth it. I honestly think my internal organs have 'evolved' to accomodate my wishes (commands.)

Some basic pointers here. Empty gut but not empty energy. Eat easily digestible food all day. Hopefully have a B.M. shortly before trying. A hot bath helps relax but not so long as to make you weak. Stretch out those hams - good. They can pull on the back and keep you from your goal. This itself will take awhile for most guys. You should be able to put your hands flat on the ground between your feet!

Please make sure you have a healthy back - any problems may get much worse with this stress. Upper body strength (not bulk) helps too. Use your biceps to pull you in. Learn to breathe with your lungs almost empty.

Yoga, breathing, stretching, strengthening, diet, etc. all go hand in hand. Always work slowly and ease up if you feel any problems. Do not ever jump up out of a tight bend. You must release slowly or can do big damage. Stretch everything back the other way to prevent deformation.

Bear in mind the body gets a bit more flexible while you're sexually excited so you might get that extra half inch just before your peak. Don't push it more, tho. It's very tempting to go for another inch and force your way. You just might hurt something and make it impossible to get anywhere for a long time. So, take easy little steps.

Something to look forward to: I can now take my whole cock in and lick my bush within a half hour of starting, if my body is ready - sometimes less. I can hold that bend as long as my stamina and breath hold out. A session can take from a half hour to over 2 hours of pure joy! It took me about 10 years to get to this point, but it was worth it after the first time I took my head in.

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