Repost: other techniques to avoid problems with plow position

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Posted by tso ( on July 31, 2004 at 03:04:32:

[Repost from before the board crash. This time, I copied the names -- excellent advice!]

Posted by John dough on March 03, 2004 at 10:15:04:
In Reply to: Re: It's been 34 years.... posted by Shamman on March 01, 2004 at 11:55:34:

This position actually has been less-stressful for my back and I was surprised I could get into that forward bend without some sort of strain. It's pretty wild when you get to it. I sort of thought I had hit the wall and now it just keeps getting better with knowledge of the right methods and practice.

: My recommendation would be to give up the plough position. Early on I noticed it puts a lot more pressure on the upper back and neck than we really need, to accomplish this.

: I have been s-s'ing for almost 20 years now. (Am 43.) On-n-off sometimes but never away more than several months except once when I was injured in a motorcycle accident and had to lay off for almost half year.

: In all that time, I found the plough to be one of the most ineffective positions I try. I won't even consider it now. You really want to utilise your entire back and neck when bending and the plough will not allow you to do this right.

: I much prefer to sit on an office-style chair. Once I'm limbered up I slide my arms under my buttocks/ thighs and pull down. Eventually I will reach around my thighs and the chair seat and grab the legs of the chair. This will lock me into a position much closer to the goal with little effort. Get into this position, let the muscles stretch for at least 20 seconds, then release and relax. Straighten back out a little bit and relax. Repeat this several times until it becomes easy to hold the tight position without strain.

: I can then pull down to get where i'm going. In this manner, I can take in my entire cock. With your feet still on the ground you can put a little upward pressure with them as well. There is even an extra excitement when you suck youself off without even the aid of Rosie!

: An alternative is to mix this technique with the X-position. I will put left arm around my butt and take the right leg over my right shoulder. This has the advantage of leaving my right hand to help out. Also the strain on the gut is 'unbalanced' which might help reduce the pressure on it. In this position, I can kinda twist around a bit and its almost like I'm sucking a different cock from the side, the feelings are so different.

: Always remember slow and easy. The body/mind will change to accomodate your demands, just give it time...

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