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Posted by autofl8 ( on August 01, 2004 at 01:30:16:

In Reply to: Re: More tips on autofucking posted by Mike on July 29, 2004 at 12:46:35:

Mike....I wish I could find your earlier post, as I'd like to read it.

I think NE Dave nailed it on the 'head' by kinda restating what I said.

The trick is to, once you're penetrated, to press against the base of your penis, rather than try to grab it midshaft and use your hand to push it in and pull it out....

So the 2x4 is doing just that. One end of the 2xstick is leaning on the edge of the sink bowl, the other end is on the floor, maybe 3 feet behind. The result is an object that you can straddle that ends up pressing against the base of your penis that's wrapped under and up your ass. It serves (with a little technique) to push against the base, and also to keep the penis from popping out. With the right amount of pressure, you get much more penetration this way than doing it with your hands. I'd bet you get a couple of inches more..I don't think this is an exaggeration.

So the mirror runs from the top of the basin to the see your upper torso work...and get to watch your own ecstatic expressions...

Really, a 2x4 is not very elegant, but works. Better yet would be a 4" diameter pvc pipe, about 5 feet long...I've done it with 5" diameter cardboard roll cores...

gawd, is this twisted or what?? grown men talkin' about how to fuck themselves..I love it!


: I describe a similar technique in an earler post, "Successful Self-Fuck." The biggest differences in our techniques are:

: 1. I need to use one hand to stretch my cock to get enough length while the other hand is pushing the shaft in.

: 2. I only lube the head because I push on my shaft to gain maximum penetration, and I lose traction if the shaft is slippery from lube.

: I'm going to try the hands-off technique that you describe; not sure if I'm long enough to do it.

: I don't understand the 2x4 method for watching yourself. Can you explain it in more detail? I'm thinking that maybe you have a bigger mirror over you sink than I do.

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