Re: Survey - Which Position for Most Depth?

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Posted by N.E. Dave ( on August 07, 2004 at 09:03:15:

In Reply to: Re: Survey - Which Position for Most Depth? posted by shamman on August 05, 2004 at 16:03:32:

: Hey Mike!

: I believe I was the one who spoke of using an office chair. And it still serves as the basis for several of my best positions...

: After many years of s-s, I found any of the positions that have your legs pulled up will lessen your maximum depth. This is because by pulling the legs up, it puts more pressure on the abdomen. But on the other hand, the legs are very helpful for their strength. I gave up the plough years ago. It's good for beginning but I could never get the right angle, it puts unecessary pressure on the upper back, and I cant move my head up and down for most pleasure.

: All said, the best position for penetration is the simple "C" like 'happy boy' says. Arms under hips/legs/butt. Crossed or not. Pulling up. This position is much more useable after you are all stretched out, though. It can be done on the bed but is even better on a chair. Then I can push up with my feet for best penetration.

: The chair position I spoke of is a modification of this position. Instead of hooking my arms under my legs, I hook them under the seat and grab the legs of the chair. This is a very energy conserving position since the only effort required to keep it, is to hang on to the legs. No need to pull if you have the chair height set just right. In this position I can then move my hips foreward and back and fuck my mouth righteously and to the full depth!

: I was asked to make some pics with a wider angle to show my positions and I am doing so, I should have them up in under a week. This will show some of my favorite positions. They will go into my folders on the yahoo group "selfsuck", the folders shamman and shamman2.

: I just tried to get the url for that group but yahoo is screwed up *again* - still?

: Later - Shamman

Hi Shamman, I was going to ask if you had any pics like that. I am interested in seeing how your body is positioned and your back is curved when you are at your deepest stretches. Even the pics and vid clips of Al don't show that very well.I figure that it would help me attain greater stretches in a more safe manner by trying to copy the way that your back is curved and especially how the front torso is folded(?). I find that my back is more willing to to go farther than my stomach area will allow. N.E.Dave

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