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Posted by Shamman ( on June 30, 2004 at 19:18:16:

In Reply to: Hi posted by David on June 30, 2004 at 01:52:45:

Hey David,
Well-CUM to a new world! It's nice and cozy in here. And unbelievably thrilling.

There was a ton of helpful advice on this board before the crash. Now Al says he's going to back it up personally cuz the sponsor didnt do the job right. CRAP.

I wish I had saved all the responses I have given over time, I could just bulk mail them to ya... Hmm, that gives me an idea - I might be able to do that in some way...

Anyhoo! The first thing I gotta say is that you gotta forget the "soon" part. It might be so, but DO NOT RUSH IT !!!!! Nobody wants you to end up in hospital. Then you have to explain how you popped 4 disks, tore two ligaments and sprained your neck, and have teeth marks on your cock, all in one night!

If you check out my pics in the yahoo group selfsuck - folders Shamman and Shamman2, you will know I 'have what it takes'.

First thing to do is read all you can. Check out all of Al's site and all the yahoo groups on s-s. I am a member of 6, I think... Read all the advice given there by experienced s-s'ers. Realise it's not an instant process unless you are extremely lucky.

Now, I am very flexible - I can hyper-extend almost every joint in my body. Well, except the damaged ones, that is. Many are what is called double-jointed. Am quite thin and in good shape. It still took me months to get more than an occasional lick. But now! - well, check the pics... FYI: I am 40-something, 5'-9or10", 140-145# and 6.5" on a good day. More typically 5.5" - 6" :-( Oh well...

Patience and motivation are paramount. You MUST persevere at a pace your body wont protest too much.

OK. I recommend first working on getting your leg muscles lengthened (stretched). Especially the hams. They all attach to the pelvis and will pull against you when trying to s-s. You dont have to be able to do the sidewise splits but being able to do the front-back splits will be a big bonus.

Some upper-body strength and stamina is very helpful cuz you will want to pull yourself into position and hold it. Biceps, trapezoidal (upper back/shoulders) and pectorals (chest) are especially useful.

While you do this, you should learn some yoga to help immensely with the stretching and other aspects. Breath techniques will benefit you well. All this will help your general well being too. And quite possibly increase your lifespan. What a great side-effect !!!!

You can start to stretch the back out once the leg muscles have started to lenthen. But work slowly. Just kinda let it hang down but dont push for awhile. Let gravity alone work for you. If anything causes an alarm EASE back out of it. A quick return can do as much damage as pushing too hard.

Proper stretching should hold the extention for 20 to 40 seconds before easing back. It has been shown that the muscles will resist a stretch for about 20 seconds. You may feel them relax then. Hold it for no more than 20 more seconds and release. Not straighten full back but ease out of the push. Relax for a full minute then slowly push or pull back to the limit. You may go a little farther this time. Follow the same rules - 20 to 40 seconds, ease back, chill a minute, etc. I'd say limit yourself to 8-10 of these for each muscle, each session. You can do the other leg while resting the first...

All your stretches should be followed by stretching in the other direction as well. Perhaps not as far but SOME. You do NOT want a permanent stoop.

I would give at least an hour at least every other day. Dont go longer than 3 days without working the stretchin or you will lose some of it back to lassitude. The second day after a workout your muscles will want to tighten up so that's the time to stretch them again. And if your body screams for a break - give it one! or two days off. Then stretch a little less hard for a week.

All this time you should be paying attention to your diet. Not going on one but, see what makes you feel bloated and what digests easily and leaves you feeling light yet energetic quickly.

E.G., I dont eat for at least 3 hours before a session, sometimes longer. But I keep good-old sugar on hand. In liquid or solid form, for that extra energy at a minor stomach-filling cost. I found that red meat actually works well for me if it was at least 3 hours before. It's well out of my stomach and doesn't hinder the bend. And it gives me longer lasting energy. As long as it is properly cooked - neither too raw, nor overdone. Either will make me bloated. Mexican is out for the entire day! Most chinese is OK, etc... But you may be different, so watch youself and learn. I can tell by late afternoon if I will be able to make a good attempt later on.

I am convinced that after years of working on this, my internal organs have re-arranged themselves to accomodate my repeated pressures. I noticed a big improvement in my limits at that time. But it took a LONG while. And that was only after all the muscles strengthened and toned as needed. You may not need or want to go to that extreme but I really wanted to try to push my limits - really really wanted to!!! Now, on a good day I can put lips to bush. And even turn somewhat sidewise and almost lick where the shaft meets the balls! With my cock in my mouth. That is my current goal and I will reach it - eventually.

Well, that's a pretty good start. There is much more, so stay tuned...

Shamman - out

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