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Posted by SFsucker ( on September 02, 2004 at 00:19:18:

In Reply to: Meeting a Selfer posted by Eddie on September 01, 2004 at 17:08:15:

Stud... you gotta finish this and soon... I NEED to know what happened... so fucking hot!!!

: I've been wanting to get together with a self sucker for so long, and was beginning to think that all the others out there on bulletin boards and chat rooms were just into bs...not af.

: Richard finally emailed me, mentioning that he had seen my posts asking if there were any selfers out there in the San Francisco area who were middle aged, but very active in self sucking.

: We exchanged email for what may have been a month, chatting about our own selfing interests, and came to the conclusion that both of us had wanted to meet another selfer for a long time. I invited him over one night, just to see what might happen. Needless to say, it was like the first date I had ever had, realizing that I might, at long last, have a face to face, or cock to cock experience with someone like myself.

: The night came, and I was ready for him. I'd been selfing during the day so I would be nice and limber, and my cock would smell like cum. I wore loose jeans and a tee shirt and a soft silk shirt unbottoned. My cock was anxious to meet him too, and was swollen in my pants...fairly obvious to anyone who might be looking.

: I heard a knock at the door, so I didn't take much time to welcome my guest. Richard looked good...mature, slim like me, fit and smiling nicely. 'Are you Eddie?' he asked.

: 'Yes, I am. Are you Richard by any chance?'

: 'Yes, but call me Dick if you wish.'

: I opened the door wider to let him in. The passage inside the door is narrow, so he had to pass close to me. I noticed that he smelled very nice...a hint of cologne, and what I thought might be the scent of cum from him. He was not to quick to pass, and opened his arms for a welcoming hug. It wasn't coincidence that he moved up very close to me, and I felt his swollen cock brush up against mine.

: 'It's so nice to meet you at last.' Dick said, looking me in the eyes.

: 'That's my feeling exactly Dick.' I shot back. 'Come on in. Want something to drink?'

: 'Water's fine...sparkling would be nice. Do you have anything to smoke?'

: 'You mean weed?' I asked.

: 'Yes.'

: 'I do, hold on.' I went to get a pipe, and excused myself. When I came back in the room, Dick was sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, rubbing his cock through his pants.

: I said, 'Dick...I'm glad to see you found something to entertain yourself with.'

: 'I entertain myself all the time, as you well know.'

: We smoked for awhile, and watched each other, paying close attention to what was going on in each other's pants. Dick was enjoying a fairly large development in his pants, as I was. 'So Dick, it's very nice to have you over. I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Shall we take off our pants?'

: 'That sounds like a good idea to me. There's not much room left in my pants for my cock.'

: With that we both stood, taking off our pants, watching each other as our cocks almost simultaneously popped out of our pants. Dick's cock was huge. I think it might have been about 10 inches, and he wasn't completely hard. I exclaimed my delight, and felt myself get suddenly very hard, and feeling very stoned and wanting some autofellation fun.

: 'That's very pretty,' I told him. 'Such a lovely thing to self suck, isn't it?'

: 'I love to self suck my beautiful snake. Why don't you watch me for awhile?'

: We got back down on the floor, and Dick took a sitting position with his hands grasping his ankles. He nimbly curled over and started licking and kissing the head of his beautiful cock, soon slurping and smacking sounds filled the room as he sucked more and more of it.

: I couldn't resist my own cock, and began doing the same.

: (To be continued)

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