Re: Meeting a Selfer Part 2

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Posted by billyo ( on September 03, 2004 at 09:48:37:

In Reply to: Meeting a Selfer Part 2 posted by Eddie on September 02, 2004 at 19:16:08:

Gosh, Eddie, that's fantastic! How did he twist around? When I'm all the way in, my balls are hanging on my nose! Hmmmmm.

: Well, Dick and I were stoned out of our minds, our dicks were harder than you can imagine, and we were happier than we'd ever imagined. We were selfing our brains out on the floor, Dick in a sitting position, and I flipped over on my shoulders with my dick hanging down to my mouth.

: 'That's an incredible cock you have there Dick,' I managed to squeek out as I took a breather from my own cock. 'How long is it?'

: Dick gasped for a breath, and said, 'It's 12 inches when I'm hard. Do you like it?'

: 'What do you think?' I said. 'I'm jealous. I'm only 7 1/2 inches, but I can still deep throat myself. You told me that you could deep throat yourself in your email...that's a lot to swallow.'

: 'Well just watch me.' Dick slipped his cock back into his mouth and started to descend on the shaft. Inch by inch disappeared into his widely stretched mouth, and before I knew it, his balls were squished up against his chin without a bit of his cock visible. Then he began plunging it in and out of his mouth...the whole beautiful thing. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

: My own cock was throbbing for attention, so I sucked it back into my mouth doing my own deep throat act for him. I hadn't peed since my last orgasm before Dick had arrived, so I was dripping cum, enjoying the lubrication, smell and taste.

: Dick's cock was starting to ooze cum too. He'd pull it out of his mouth then pump and squeeze it, cum was starting to flow from his pretty monster. He rubbed it around his lips and chin, so he could enjoy the scent of selfing as well as the erotically charged sensations of fucking his own mouth.

: I suggested that we take a breather, to play slowly and build the excitement. So we sat in front of the fire, squeezing and stroking our throbbing, oozing cocks and talked about our love of selfing, and about some of our most memorable experiences.

: Neither one of us had ever met another self sucker in person before, and I think both of us were flying about as high as could be, stoned, but also high with arousal. Our cocks were so hard, and cum was starting to flow out freely. The smell and wetness further charging our crazy state of mind.

: 'Do you always cum in your mouth and swallow? I asked.

: 'Uh huh, almost always. Sometimes I cum in a little glass, save it in the fridge, and use it when I'm selfing the next time.'

: 'I like to save a few cums so I have quite a bit to enjoy for a good selfing. That way I can cover my cock with cum, rub some around my balls, chin and lips. The cummy smell is so hot!' I replied.

: 'Look at the cum flowing from my cock now,' Dick pointed out. He was pumping his huge shaft, and cum was really flowing out. He wasn't was just pre-cum. He wiped it on his lips, got more and licked it off his fingers.

: 'Let's suck some more,' I suggested. I was too hot to go on just watching.

: (To be continued)

: Eddie

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