Meeting a Selfer Part 3 - etc

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Posted by Eddie ( on September 06, 2004 at 19:10:58:

Hi selfers & selfing fans,

First of all...apologies to Billyo for my harsh retort. He probably meant well, and I was having a bad day. He was should have been 'nose' not 'chin'. I write these episodes w/o much editing. Having selfed for so many years, I really do know the difference. On to the 3rd episode.
Part 3 - Meeting a Selfer

I was going way down on my cock, and the pre cum was really flowing. Delicious to say the least, and creating a very slippery passage in my throat. Every time my cock is deep in my throat, I'm amazed at the incredible feeling of pleasure, how it stretches my lips and throad wide apart, and how it feels like the best sex possible.

Dick was making some very exotic sounds. His cock and mouth were squishing, spurting, gooshing, smacking and slurping. He was grunting and moaning gutteral sounds - so caught up in his pleasure that he probably had forgotten my presence.

I changed position a little so I could see his selfing while I was sucking myself. Suddenly I heard a loud 'spurt', and saw cum squirting out from between his cock and his mouth, splashing all over his balls and thighs. He had pulled back as he was about to cum, mostly sucking the head of his cock. The power of his cum shooting out was too much for him to consume, and much of it had escaped his mouth.

Dick was writhing, pumping and moaning with ecstasy. He started blowing himself, and more cum came spraying out over the rest of his cock, balls and thighs. It was a beautiful mess. The room was starting to smell like cum.

Dick's performance had me so worked up that my cock started to throb and pulse. Uncontrollably my cum started like a gusher. I thought that I should mimic Dick's lovely act, and since I couldn't swallow it all, I started blowing hard, and gave myself a wonderful cum shower.

He was watching me and stroking his still hard and very wet cock. I kept going, sucking myself dry, enjoying the smell, taste and sensations that come with such a great self sucking...the kind I've been enjoying for many years.

After a few minutes more of sucking the last drops of cum from my cock, I straightened up, and saw Dick leaning back on his elbow as he continued to stroke his beautiful hose. Cum was still oozing from it, while he had his eyes glued to my own wet cock.

'Did you enjoy that?' I emplored.

'No kidding, Eddie,' he replied. 'I probably have a couple more of those in me tonight, if you're up to it.'

'I'm game. Want something to drink? I could use it.'

I got us a couple of glasses of sparkling water, and handed one to him. I dangled my softening cock in my glass of water to give it a special taste...a precursor of fun to come. Dick saw me do that, smiled, and did the same. We both squeezed cum from our cocks into the sparkling water, and watched our cum suspended in the sparkling water.

I drank mine, continuing to play with my cock. It refused to get too soft. The excitement of my date with Dick was too much. He obviously felt the same. I moved over close to him, put my glass down. I took his glass away, and gave him a hug. I moved close so our cocks were rubbing together, and told him how nice it was to have him there.

'I'm enjoying it too, Eddie. I'm just sorry it took so long to meet. I've been selfing all my life, and have never ever been with another selfer. If we don't make a habit of this, I'll be very depressed.'

'Well then, let's make it a regular thing. Right now though, I'm in the mood to smoke a little more. How about you?'

'Hot idea.' said Dick. 'Let's light up! as he stroked his growing cock.

We smoked, rested a bit and played with our hard cocks. I asked him if he would mind if I held his cock, and he responded by taking mine in his hand, with the nicest touch and sensitivity. It was all I needed to do the same to him. We stroked each other for awhile, growing very hard and still managing to ooze more cum. It made a nice lubricant for stroking.

(to be continued)



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