Re: Meeting a Selfer - Part 4

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Posted by big willie ( on September 12, 2004 at 09:15:22:

In Reply to: Meeting a Selfer - Part 4 posted by Eddie on September 11, 2004 at 17:09:08:

...Then Laura and Lynn walked in and saw us, they said this is disrespecting the office we are holding and to be more discrete it could blow the fall for us!

: Hey fellow selfers & selfing fans,

: Thanks for your comments about the previous 3 episodes of my & Dick's selfing adventures. Here's the next:

: Part 4

: Dick and I were hugging and playing with each others' cocks, thinking about the night that had been as what was to be, selfing ourselves crazy, and doing whatever we felt like.

: We were both pretty wet, and the smell of cum was like an aphrodesiac, driving our libidos, keeping us hard and dripping.

: I whispered in Dick's ear, 'You have such a wonderful huge cock! Would you like to suck it some more while I pump it and play with your balls?'

: 'Mmmm, that sounds divine. Let's do it.' he replied with excitement.

: Dick rolled over on his shoulders with his big snake dangling down to his mouth. He sucked it in right away, while I grabbed the shaft with my right hand, and his balls with my left. I pumped and squeezed. Dick groaned and grunted like an animal rutting. His nutz felt so good in my hand, and looked so ripe, I decided to lick them. That drove him even more crazy, and he started pumping so deep in his mouth that there was hardly enough room for my hand to stroke his cock.

: Dick pushed his monster deep in his throat, so I gave up trying to stroke it, and focused both hands on his balls, pulling and gently squeezing them while he was lost in his selfing.

: After a few more minutes of that, he started groaning loudly, and pulled back on his cock, just sucking on the head. He grabbed his throbbing beauty, and started spraying cum on his lips and chin, still shooting much of it into his mouth. He sucked with abandon, making smacking and sloshing sounds with his lips, tongue, cock and cum.

: The scent of cum was strong, and driving me crazy. I left Dick while he sucked himself dry, and assumed the same position on the hard cock hanging down to my mouth. Pre-cum was flowing, moistening my lips and tongue. My cock slipped deep into my throat with ease, as I pumped in and out. I was in heaven, but Dick was about to make it better.

: He stopped his own selfing, moved close to me, gently taking my balls into his hands, and began caressing them and my ass while I was lost in my selfing. Ecstasy was found there and then. Dick's touch was guided by his own experience, knowing just what was needed. My excitement became so elevated, cumming was something that came, out of control. I started spurting for what seemed like an entire minute. It was a very wet one...a lot more than I could swallow, so a lot of cum got all over my chin and neck. I didn't mind, knowing how nice it would smell when it dried.

: We rested, hugging some more, whispering to each other about the lovely evening, selfing and how lucky we were to have found each other.

: (To be continued)

: Hope you're enjoying this little tale of lust.

: Eddie

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