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Posted by BlackSunshineAZ ( on September 26, 2004 at 22:46:08:

In Reply to: Re: We're all a part of this special club - Meeting/Convention posted by Eddie on September 26, 2004 at 16:29:15:

: As far as a convention is concerned, one major problem from my point of view is that instead of turning out to be a gathering of self suckers, it would probably turn out to be a bunch of guys wanting to see self suckers.

: If it could be only selfers, it would be great. Otherwise, I don't think most selfers consider themselves to be porn stars who want to perform for the general horny guy public.

I think anyone who goes to such a meeting would have to prove beforehand that they can indeed do it, say by providing photographic proof or some other means. I have such proof, but this is something I am still striving to perfect and can't necessarily do whenever I want because sometimes my body won't let me.

Obviously, if it was open to anyone, you'd have several thousand guys going just to watch. Although a lot of selfers like to show off, I personally wouldn't be willing to show off for anybody except another selfer.

The meeting place would have to be kept a secret until the last minute (or a reasonable time, to permit those who have to travel great distances). Have you guys heard of the "masturbate-a-thon" they had in San Francisco a few months back? They had promoted it quite a bit but wouldn't reveal the location until right before it happened so they wouldn't be mobbed by voyeurs. (Did anybody go to this? I am curious about what it was like.)

Perhaps a more feasible approach would to have local gatherings, if it was possible to find people in your area and have a monthly get together. Meeting other selfers in my area (Phoenix, Arizona) was one of the reasons I started my Yahoo group, but in the 3+ years my group has existed, I haven't had contact with anyone in my area who can do it. I've been browsing other message boards and have only found guys who used to be able to do it and can't anymore, or younger guys who are minors (who meeting is out of the question, but I have to admire their ambition which I lacked at that age -- if I hadn't given up at 14 I'd be deepthroating myself by now). I also found another guy who was willing to meet, but he was hit by a drunk driver and appears to have lost the ability forever. What a bummer.

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