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Posted by Shamman ( on July 10, 2004 at 19:22:42:

Hey all!

The following is a response to a reader requesting some help. I responded directly but thought it might be good to post it on the board as well. . .


As far as the gravity assist, I was mostly referring to a simple sitting C-bend. I dont much use this technique anymore unless I'm really just checking my body to see if it's going to be a good time to proceed or not. Or for just maintenence stretching. But basically it's just the "bad-posture" sitting position, only with intent. Can be done in a chair - let the arms hang loose to give more weight. I would do this while on the computer or reading a book. During ham stretches I would let my back relax slowly till I could touch my chin to my knees, then my shoulders to my knees, etc.

I used to sit legs straight, with a book on my lap. Let gravity work untill I was reading with my nose literally on the page. Spread my legs, put the book between them and continue. This was regular toning/stretching exercises and not necessarily as a prelude to the act. This whole technique is not very forceful but little advances over time can be more lasting.

Well, sounds like you do have the hamstring flex already. Stretching the back is critical and must be done more carefully. Stretching done without toning can lead to muscle or tendon damage. Stretching done too quickly can lead to ligament or disc damage. The first can heal in as little as 3 weeks. The latter can put you out of commission permanently. You want to tone the back muscles and not bulk them. After all our stretching and toning to reach our goal, we should have better posture instead of poorer. The back, neck and shoulders should be more limber and agile, stronger and sturdier. I stretch sidewise a lot, not just front and back. This seems to help even more.

Ya, the whole back from the perineum to the skull comes into play. In my deepest position, I rely mostly on having the tightest bend in the lower-middle back. And my neck is bent back so I can do "The Chicken". But this is just to get the best mouth-to-bone angle for deepthroating. I dont keep the stress at that point for long. It's best to spread it out. Each different center of the bend offers different approaches to the rod and will depend on such things as whether you have a longer neck as well. Sometimes (not always) in my favorite position, I can also squeeze my buttocks and do pelvic thrusts when I am in the deep bend. This is how I can get the best deepthroat and it is so exciting I can't keep it for more than a few seconds without cumming. Or choking too bad. As a matter of fact just the other night, I reached a new goal. Get myself hard and bring me to climax without the direct use of my hands. Done in the sitting-C with both arms under my butt. I think I had the vidcam on but dont know yet if I got anything worth keeping. I wasn't worried about that - I was having too much fun.

Personally, I dont like the Plough position. I find it much too restrictive for the upper body. I want to be able to move my head and shoulders. Plus I think it forces too much of the stretch to the lower back. Now, I almost exclesively use the sitting position. But I already have the needed flexibility. Once I am completely stretched, I will sit on my office chair (an armless one is best), put my left arm tight under my buttocks and put my right leg over my right shoulder. Pull up with my left arm, down with my right leg, Pull my right shoulder back against the pull of my leg. On a good nite, this lets me twist my torso around so that I dont compress my abdomen too much. The right side more than the left, yes. But I fould this side easier than the other. I'd have to check my anatomy to see if the intestines are non-symetric... Anyway, the result is that I actually have a very different "angle of attack" on my cock - almost from the side. This gives such a different feeling at the mouth as well as the bone that its as if I am 2 people!

For the abdominal training, it was the "Complete Breath" from yoga that I feel helped me the most. That is, other than time and the pressure of my continued insistence for improvement. Here again, the concept is to expand your capabilities in both directions as well. Another technique that promises to help I dont recall the name of. I didnt learn it through yoga. Oh, and it is an excellent exercise for firming up the abs, clearing the lungs and balancing energy, too. And it's extremely easy to do! Just take a full inhale, perhaps hold it for a short time (not necessary) then exhale it as fast and forcefully as possible. I give this advice to any overweight person as well. This simple "exercise" will shed pounds off your middle and tighten the abs as fast as any machine you can buy from late-night TV. And it's free, you carry it with you everywhere and can do it anytime you have a few seconds. It's best done in sets of 10, but any amount is helpful.

I dont know your build, but the extra weight you have over me might make some difference. I notice an effect from a temporary gain of only several pounds. If it's in your gut, that might do it. If elsewhere, perhaps not...

Guess I rambled on more that your mssg required, so I think I'll post this in the group board as well. To let others in on the advice too.

Time to go, Happy and safe S-S

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