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Posted by BlackSunshineAZ ( on September 26, 2004 at 13:07:39:

I feel like I am a member of this special club of those guys who can make oral-genital contact, and I think it's great that sites like this (I have even started my own yahoo group in an attempt to network with other selfsuckers and have a place to post my personal pictures) allow us to discuss this wonderful subject, which I hope will become more popular. I don't know if it could ever become mainstream, but I think more people are becoming aware of this and that fewer people will think that doing it is impossible (and hopefully we'll see proof that women can do it too).

I'd still like to see a few things:

1) A selfsucker convention held somewhere. I think it would be awesome to get a bunch of guys together that can do this. I'd love to meet them. I think that getting a whole bunch of guys together that can do this would be greatly beneficial and everyone can help each other out, trade tips, etc. It could be held annually.

2) An instructional video that shows exercises and techniques to selfsuck. I think that would be a big hit. The exercises in Griffin's book are nice, but I think a video would be more helpful since you could actually see someone doing it and talking to you. It could be the best thing aside from a personal tutor or mentor, when it comes to learning to do this.

3) We need more books on the subject. As far as I know, Gary Griffin's book is the only one on the subject. When I was in college, I bought the fourth edition of this book, and having access to one of the largest libraries in North America, I found some of the books and journals mentioned in the bibliography. A lot of them are in Medical and Psychiatric journals, and thus are very clinical and not necessarily fun to read. Books like Griffin's are more interesting, but I am sad to see that it's the only one devoted to the subject.

I've been collecting everything I can find on the subject for more than a decade. Maybe if someone has enough time on their hands, we can work on compiling a resource (website) that has everything from exercises, tips, and comprehensive list of videos, books, magazines on the subject. Not necessarily pictures though, since those are everywhere. Basically, an "everything you wanted to know about selfsucking".

What does everyone think? Is any of this feasible?

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