How is this for some Sperm eating stats

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Posted by ric ( on September 28, 2004 at 07:34:17:

Hell people have been sucking cock ever since Cane sucked Able and Eve
swallowed Adams load, so what.
Everyone here, that means you, the guy or gal reading this has.
a. Either sucked cock
b. Thinking about sucking cock

Why I bet you probably have taken a load or two in your mouth. I bet
probably have tasted your own, if you are a guy that is.

do you have any idea on how much cum is swallowed daily. Lets see

The average load is 1/3 once. 160 ounces to a gallon, or 53 shots to a
there are around 5.5 billion people, about 1 billion shoot a load a
Roughly 20 million gallons of cum are shot every day.
one in seven cum shots is a blow job, and one in every two blow jobs
ends in
someone swallowing cum.
So roughly 1.5 million gallons of cum is swallowed every day.
Say one in every five swallowings is a guy swallowing the load.
That means roughly 300,000 gallons a day is swallowed by men every day
109,500,000 gallons a year.

Let me tell you, that’s a lot of cum.

Let put it another way, 900,000,000 men swallow a load each and every
that means some guy is swallowing a load every 1/10 of a second.

Now mind you thats only a small part of the world’s daily cum

Ok back to you cock suckers. ( if you were not a cock sucker or
cocksucker, well you wouldn’t be reading this now, would you?) Ok, there is
only one
way for you guys to increase the cum swallowed by men every day.

1. when you jack off, always swallow
2. when you suck cock, always swallow
3. When you shoot in a girls pussy, always eat her out afterwards (
you will be
rewarded with your cum.
4. If you shoot your load into a girls mouth, don’t let her swallow or
spit, French
kiss her, at least you get half a load that way.

5. don’t eat cum from an asshole, you can and probably will get sick
if you do.

Now I know that you probably have your dick in your hand as you are
this. There is a good chance that you are almost ready to pop your load. Go
ahead, let it
rip, but only if you intend to swallow it.

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