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Sorry! My video downloads and DVDs are still for sale, but the company that was doing the payment processing for me decided that my videos are too sexually explicit and closed my account!

Until I get a new processor set up, please send me an email: with the videos you’d like to purchase (including whether you’d like the High or Mobile Quality version) and I’ll get back in touch as quickly as I can with payment options, which, right now, include Cash App, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Zelle. Once you’ve paid, I’ll send the download links to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience – it’s a shame we live in such a sex-phobic world!


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My seven full-length solo videos are: ITEM NUMBER
A YOUNG MAN FROM NANTUCKET, (1988), 45 minutes  AE1
SELF-SUFFICIENT, (1989), 60 minutes AE2
BECAUSE HE CAN, (1992), 81 minutes AE3
OUT-TAKES #1, (1993), 67 minutes AE4
BLOWN ALONE, (1995), 65 minutes AE5
ONE MAN SHOW, (2000), 60 minutes AE6
SOLOSEXUAL, (2003), 90 minutes AE7
CLICK HERE for info on my Special Limited Collector's Edition short film Narcissus Unpunished


TO ORDER: Send me an EMAIL: telling me which video(s) you want to order - you can look at the chart below to see how much the price or multi-video discount is for what you want - and I'll reply with an order total and payment options to the email address you specify. Simple!

Click here if you want more general ordering information before ordering. If you have any problems signing up or ordering, please EMAIL: and we'll figure it out.

Order DVDs by sending me an email, then paying though an app with your debit/credit card, or directly from your bank checking account via Zelle (USA bank accounts only)

The more DVDs you order, the more you save per video. The prices listed below include shipping and handling.

Security Information: Your online order will be processed securely by whichever payment service you choose to use.

  order 1 DVD $39.95 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 2 DVDs $79.90
marked down 5% - you pay $75.91
- you Save $3.99 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 3 DVDs $119.85
marked down 6%
- you pay $112.66
- you Save $7.19 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 4 DVDs $159.80
marked down 7%
- you pay $148.61
- you Save $11.19 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 5 DVDs $199.75
marked down 9%
- you pay $181.77
- you Save $17.98 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 6 DVDs $239.70
marked down 10% - you pay
- you Save $23.97 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!
  order 7 DVDs $279.65
marked down 11% - you pay $248.89
- you Save $30.76 - Free Shipping - World-Wide!

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Videos are shipped in a plain, brown mailing envelope, or a video box.

I can ship your videos via The US Post Office, or United Parcel Service. If you have a preference, please let me know when you order (I use the Post Office for most shipments). UPS will not ship to a U.S. post office PO box. If your address is a PO box you will receive a postcard asking you to pick up your package at the nearest UPS depot. If this is a problem for you, please include a street or private mailbox address with your order.

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