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Hi Al, Only now just managed to peel my hand away from my cock since receiving your 'Solosexual' DVD damn man!! its so so hot seeing you total immersed in your own sexual gratification...such talent and the envy of a lot of guys out there I am I mentioned, I also S.F. and have done since a one has yet managed to satisfy me like I can myself..(huge probs in past relationships!) but as I get older I find myself becoming more self-sufficient and selfish:-)) I LOVE MY COCK!! and balls, just about get them in my mouth in either cheek while my cock is squeezed down the middle.....I can not get that rockin rhythm you do when fuckin your mouth...I tend to use my neck muscles back and forth instead of using my looks so natural to you, especially when you speed up to the cum shot......Did take up your advice on buying a Yoga book, so shall begin that soon and get more supple....... Sexiest moments on 'Solosexual'? You fisting your ass and seeing your cock pulsate then explode cum...I like that you just let it flow and don't massage it away as in previous sections, Also the extreme close up of you slurping the head of your cock quite slowly but throughly....the beard is the key here for me....never had a guy with a beard but just the site sends me over the edge...seeing that head of your cock go in and out between the hair.... There you have it!!......Plese don't stop what you do best!! Paul, UK
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