husband and wife

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husband and wife

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True story, skip to paragraph 3 for the dirty stuff.
First post. I will preface this with saying that my wife has been aware of my selfsucking and has even watched but anytime I tried to get her involved she seemed disinterested. I always asked her to help me bend to get more but she explained she didn't want to hurt my back.

So I've been away for business, its the first time we have been apart since married. Got a new job so we were discussing having a child. When I arrived home she was wearing fantastic lingerie. She told me I could cum inside of her so we proceeded to have sex. Came really fast but this is where it gets good.

After I came inside of her we went to the shower. While I was turned around, she bent me over and got on her knees and began licking my asshole. She then started fingering me while kissing my neck and jerking me off. We got out of the shower and moved to the bed.
She laid me down and began sucking me hard and rough. Out of nowhere she started lifting my thighs and it left my cock right over my mouth. She told me to suck on myself, and then started licking my ass again. I was in heaven. She was rubbing my body all the while stroking my cock and tonguing my asshole. I begged her to push on me so I could get more of my cock in my mouth.
It was the most I ever had, I was moaning and jerking until I finally spasmed and exploded in my mouth. It was the most I ever came, it was flowing from my mouth. She told me not to swallow, and then kissed me deeply. While doing this, she was stroking me, I could hardly put up with it my cock was still throbbing. She pushed my head down and bade me to lick her with cum still on my tongue.

After all was said and done, she told me we should do more things like this in the future. Hope you enjoyed my story.

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Re: husband and wife

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Lucky man! Both to have a wife like that and being able to suck your own meat!

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Re: husband and wife

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Awesome! Although... yer not gonna have a kid if you cum that way! :D
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