great story on another site!

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great story on another site!

Post by Happy Boy »

came across this on the SS board and thought i'd link to it here...


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Re: great story on another site!

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reminds me of a brief encounter i had with myself as a young teen... i barely remember doing it, but the story is much the same surprise as this story...
As usual i was home alone for a short time before everyone else got home, and i did what most teens do when alone, with feelings of jerking off in as many creative ways one always loved to explore, from using a thick comforter to wrap around my cock and imagine it as a hole, or a pillow... but then i must of become really horny as i realized i was sucking my own cock... somehow i found myself with my legs over my head on my back in my bed, and wow, i had my raging hard cock in my warm mouth as i went into a frenzy pushing my cock into the back of my throat and then down my throat as far as it would go.... Omg the sensation was mind blowing!!! Next thing i remember i was humping in and out of my throat in a steady pace, loving how good it felt, unable to stop thrusting in and out with the orgasm building and no desire to my cum started blasting down my throat cock sliding easier in and out of my!!! ... there are no words to describe how incredible it is to cum deep down your own throat!! You have to experience it to realize how mind blowing it feels! :oops: :P :shock:
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