Some hot true life jerk & Solosuck

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Some hot true life jerk & Solosuck

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This a true account:

One day in high school my friend Roger snuck me a peek of this foreign hardcore magazine during lunch break. The instant I saw those pictures I got horny. I got so excited about that magazine I just knew I had to have it! So I got him to loan it to me over night. I was going to have a good night indeed!

I found myself focused on the girls sucking big cocks, and getting jizz all over their faces and tongues, and thinking how it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen at that point in my life. I mean all I had seen before then was Hustler-level porn. I had been into long jerk off sessions, and admiring my penis was all part of that. But seeing close-ups of girls eating jizz seemed to bring out something in me—a total preoccupation with worshipping and swallowing the sweet juice from my cock.

I instantly got hard when I squirrelled myself away in my room, put some music on, and perused those sexy images. It further made me want to try it myself. As in, being on the receiving end of one of those meaty dicks.

In my room, I’d either jerk off at my little desk in a fold up chair, or on my bed. So that night, pants around my ankles, I sat down at the desk, with the magazine open to the hottest page, I started stroking my cock, which got instantly hard. I leaned back in the fold up chair, bracing myself with the side of my knees against the desk so I wouldn’t tip too far back, and stretched my tongue out, straining to make first contact with my own penis.
And this was the night! My tongue finally felt the spongy, velvety skin as I lapped at the end of my cock! It strained my back, but I didn’t care! I got so turned on from it that I felt a surge of impending orgasm welling up FAST! My tongue broke contact, but it caught most of the load, the warm spurts of thick cum jetting franticly out of my rock hard dick, coating the whole length. Back then my cum was always real salty-sweet and tasty, never too bitter or musky. I thought, ‘WOW! I finally did it.’ And then I swirled the sexy brine around in my mouth—exploring its warmth, and its rich sweet & salty flavor. The feeling of its creamy viscous texture continued to intrigue me and turn me on. I was officially hooked.

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