True after work suck session

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True after work suck session

Post by JizzMaster »

One night I came home around 8:00. I had been bending over and lifting heavy containers periodically, so my back was stretched nicely. I had been pretty horny all evening, and decided to have some fun when I got home.

The first thing I did was to get in the shower. I enjoyed the hot jets of water pounding my skin, my muscles…and then concentrating down my body, to my dick and balls. I love how it feels, so I decide to shave them! I found my razor, got lathered up with soap, and then shaved my cock and balls bare. Its such an amazing feeling, when you’re hard, completely shaved, and sliding your hands all up and down it, from head to below the balls.

I must taste it. It looked so smooth and bulbous, staring right back at me, twitching on every heartbeat, its hole just starting to glisten. I tested my flexibility by licking the head of my dick. I put one foot up on the edge of the tub, positioned my smooth, clean, wet boner with my right hand towards my mouth, and grabbed a hold of my ass with my left and pulled myself downward, easily licking the head. Between the stretching and the heat of the shower, my back was so flexible, that it didn’t hurt at all. My arousal jumped at the anticipation of what was about to unfold!

I went into the bedroom, laid down and grabbed a mirror and my cock ring. Before long I was hard as a rock, the cock ring making my dick thick and veiny. After jerking for a while, I threw my legs up over my head, and gripped the top rung of the brass bed headboard with my toes. I grabbed the mirror and rested it on the back of my thighs hoping to watch myself lick and suck my own dick. Well, I tried and only managed to lick it. It was hot seeing that, but I knew I could do better. I laid back down, set the mirror down and tried again.

I was determined. I was horny as fuck from not only what preceded, but from thinking about sex all day, specifically jerking and cum. Once again I hoisted my legs, toes gripping, pulling my torso closer and closer to my face, plus watching it happen in the mirror. I can smell the hot aroma of my clean shaven balls, exuding musk from being so excited and aroused. I give my ass a pull down, lips open and puckered, then …..the warm, smooth tip of my penis reaching my lips, then past them! lips being pushed open slightly by the force of half of my cock head. YES! This was a first! I got so intensely turned on that I started sucking extra hard, pulling my ass down lower to my head. The salty-sweet flavor of precum became apparent.

I sucked my dick voraciously for a minute or two, franticly sighing and moaning until that familiar intense rush came on—but this time it was different! It was almost euphoric, even making me slightly lightheaded! I unloaded a thick creamy spurt of cum right into my mouth, my lips still reaching out, sucking, like my life depended on it. I was moaning and sighing as spurt after spurt of salty jizz pumped into my mouth. The feeling of my own firm, velvety penis against my lips, shooting jets of hot sticky semen with such force is one of the most erotic things I’ve experienced! I finally pulled out and finished on my belly. I slurped up and swallowed every bit in my mouth, even licking my lips. I was so turned on by this incredible first for me that I got myself off a half hour later thinking about it.

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Re: True after work suck session

Post by aleingang69 »

Beautiful, man - inspiring and HOT!

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Re: True after work suck session

Post by ThickSaltyandSweet »

Very hot story! Like I said I love your style.
I'm on xHamster with lots of cum swallowing videos and my username is ThickSaltyandSweet also there :)

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Re: True after work suck session

Post by Suckmyself »

I like to exercise at least one hour before a session. I also dont eat for 2 hours before each session, or however many sessions i want to enjoy that day. A hot hot shower for ten minutes on your back muscles can also make a huge 1-2 inch difference in how deep you can take your cock in your mouth. :P
But mostly it is how often and for how many months, years that you enjoy doing it, because after several years your flexibility changes enormously, so much so that you can take half your cock in your mouth immediately, and hold it there as long as you want without much discomfort pain. Took me 2 years to reach the level i am at now, and i love it even more than i ever did before. Still cannot believe i can do what i do, where i say out loud when doing it, "Omg i am sucking myself off! Oh wow, cant believe i can do this! Oh God this is so amazing!"
Love it so much i know i will never stop. :oops: :mrgreen: :roll: :shock: :P
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