My girl isn't into it, but she still participates

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My girl isn't into it, but she still participates

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I told her the day we first flirted that I could do it. I thought she might find it impressive or demand to see, but nah. Just took it as evidence of a big cock. Over the years I have always done it when she isn't around. Only once or twice bent over while we were fooling around. Not much reaction.

A few weeks ago, we had spent a very active day together, and came back to my place to shower and hook up. I sat on the edge of the tub for a minute while it heated up, stroking her body as she stood next to me, getting fully hard. Out of curiosity from how active we had been, I bent over and took the whole head right into my mouth, hands-free. I never have trouble getting that far, but it always requires some warm up. I was immediately thinking, Holy Shit if that's how this is starting, it's gonna be a fun night. I let off of it and looked up proudly ... to see her walking out of the bathroom! Haha. Not sure if she even saw me or not, but I didn't push. I expect she did see. We shower and get in bed, great sex ensues, but no cock for me. Partly didn't want to push it and freak her out, but more importantly ... I knew she was heading home afterward :twisted:

So as we are fucking, the whole time I am rubbing as much of her juices as I can get all around my balls, crotch, and body. Just totally saturated with syrupy cream. She is crazy wet naturally, so it is soon sopping through my hair. From behind, I pull out to cum in her ass crack, and continue to rub every drop of our shared mess into my pubes, cock, balls, crotch, ass, even chest hair and armpits as much as I thought I could get away with smelling that strongly while waiting until she would go. I quickly put on some boxer briefs and T-shirt to keep me good and hot. She commented, "Where did you cum? I didn't feel it." Oh I wiped it off. :wink:

I love her to death, but I was desperate to be alone. Had butterflies making me float for the next hour maybe while she leisurely got ready to go. Finally she leaves. I was shaking with excitement. Still had to wait a bit to be sure she wasn't going to randomly come back for something and find me devouring myself. So I slowly start my routine: turn the heater up to 80+, porn and more porn, grab a few pillows and set up to start stretching. After the long day, hot shower, and brief but vigorous sex, my body was as limber as it gets right from the get go. And oh my god so ripe. I think I am more into the smell of my body and sex than an average person. The sweatier I get during the day, the more I want my cock. Or more specifically, to lick my balls clean. I have gotten more into my armpits lately (hers too). My selfing sessions usually begin with just stretching and rubbing my cock and balls all over my nose, lips and face before I open my mouth for it. Sometimes for the first half hour or more. Bending deeper and deeper.

This was one of those nights. No. This was The One of those nights. It has never smelled so good. So moist and hot. So comfortable to reach. Before too long my facial hair was just as delicious as my crotch, everywhere covered with sticky crust of her cum and mine. I took my time biting and sucking each little crusted bit of us out of my pubes. Licking my nutsack clean and then using it to wipe up the rest of the surrounding area before licking it clean again. Smothering myself with my pussy-cum-sweat filled pits. And all the while slurping on and poking my throat with my hardon. Beating my face with it. Sliding it around and pressing it into my hole. Holding it hard and deep in my mouth to loudly nurse and swallow at it like a pacifier. I was fucking delirious for an hour or more. Sweating buckets. Whimpering and moaning and talking to myself. Once I was cleaned (then filthy again, then cleaned again :lol: ), I set in to slow full length strokes, sucking hard all the way up my cock, then dropping it to the back of my throat before sucking hard and pulling back up again. It never takes long to pull the cum out that way once I have decided it is time. It is fair to say I ate all of BOTH loads that night.

The girl gets MVP for the performance, and she missed half the game.

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Re: My girl isn't into it, but she still participates

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a_non wrote: The girl gets MVP for the performance, and she missed half the game.
Bravo! Great read!

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Re: My girl isn't into it, but she still participates

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Awesome story....

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Re: My girl isn't into it, but she still participates

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Oh man, great story, I like it.

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