just came across this one on a masturbation site :)

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just came across this one on a masturbation site :)

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Self Suck

Published: March 24, 2006 (Story #20030)
Category: Male Solo
Author: ~anonymous
Age: ~not given
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While I can't do this anymore, I was slim enough in my early 20's to lick the head of my own cock, and on one particular night, a little more..

I had been drinking all night and had gotten myself good and horny planning another self suck try. I stripped down and started my usual stretching beforehand, and found that I was already quite lose and more flexible than usual. I was sitting on the floor with my back against my bed, legs straight out stretching my back when I noticed after a few minutes I was able to put my chin on my thighs. Never been that loose before. Can't explain why, but I didn't complain. My problem with trying to self suck in that position, my dick didn't stand straight up. It angled toward my stomach where my mouth couldn't get to it. So I rigged something to get my cock to stand straight up. I put on a long tube sock and got out a wire hanger. Taking the hook end in one hand and hanger end in the other, I pulled it apart to be one long hook. I hooked the hook end on my tube sock and the other end around my dick, about in the middle of the shaft. I adjusted the hook on down the sock until my cock was standing straight up.

Keeping both legs together, I pulled my balls up over my thighs and, viola, my cock was standing straight up. With about ten more minutes of gentle stretching, putting my hands under my legs just behind my knees, and pulling myself down toward my cock, I was licking the head with ease. Then after about five more minutes, I was able to go farther than anytime before....I got the whole head in my mouth. I remember the moment...I slid my lips over the smooth head and then my lips slid off the head and touched the shaft under the head and about another half inch. Oh my god, did that feel great! I couldn't believe I just did that. With more than a year of trying, I wasn't just tongue lashing the head of my cock...I was actually sucking it! Other than being able to suck my entire cock and make myself come, which would have been a dream, I was in heaven. I loved the feel of a smooth cockhead in my mouth, swirling my tounge around it and tasting my own precum. I fully exhaled to deflate my stomach and took a hard dive on my cock and got the whole head plus about an inch of the shaft in my mouth. I was going futher than ever before and I was turned on beyond words. Whatever your fantasy is, picture it coming true and that's what I was feeling.

Taking short breaths, I was able to keep taking in the same amount of my cock with each stroke, and it didn't take much longer before I felt an orgasm start. I could't believe it....my long awaited dream of sucking myself to an orgasm was happening!! I kept sucking and sucking as my cockhead became more and more engorged and my dick was as hard as ever as the first oozing of cum danced with my tounge. With the next contraction a rope of cum shot in the back of my throat, and then more and more with each contraction. After the ropes stopped, more cum kept spilling from my cock on my tongue. I couldn't believe how much I was cumming, and I caught every drop in my mouth. As I was coming down, I realized I had an entire mouthful of cum, and wasn't sure I wanted to swallow it all, so while I still had the head of my cock on the tip of my lips, I let it slide out of my mouth and run down my shaft and all over my balls. It was amazing. I just stared at my cock covered in cum for the next five minutes not believing I actually sucked myself to orgasm. I've never been able to do that again, and I still jackoff often to that session.

Good luck!

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That's from solotouch.com. Great site. There are a lot of selfsuck stories there and I've bookmarked them all. Here they are:
































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