Horse-dicked Cousins

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Horse-dicked Cousins

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Carol was pissed! This was the 2nd time she'd had to leave work to pick her son up from school. Her son, Chris, had a bad habit of showing off his penis to anybody who wanted to see it. While normal for 6 year-olds playing Doctor, this was a little much from a 13 year-old boy. Carol suspected why her son was so eager to show off his meat, and she actually tried not to think about it. Carol had a thing for big dicks, and from what she had seen of her son's in the past few years, he was growing a monster. The last time Carol had gotten a glimpse of it was about 3 months ago she was in the yard and caught a glimpse of him changing in his room. To Carol, it looked like one of the biggest limp dicks she had ever seen, including her brother's!

Carol had divorced Chris's father just a few months after Chris was born. Besides having a 13-inch dick, he didn't have much going for him. Carol's brother, Kurt, had stepped into the roll nicely, and was actually an excellent father. Being raised in the family that she was, she knew that Kurt had a super-big dick. It's hard not to notice when you come from a family of foot-long dicks (and more!). On the ride to school, she decided to have Kurt talk to her son. Apparently, he was in major need of a "father-son" talk.

The school secretary gave Carol some strange looks when she picked up Chris, but she didn't notice. Chris was quiet on the way home, and Carol was also. All she said when they walked in was that she was going to ask Uncle Kurt to have a talk with him.

Chris wasn't sure about anything. Being 13, going on 14, his hormones were raging out of control. His cock always seemed to get hard when he didn't want it to, and every time it did, somebody asked him about it. Chris knew he had a really, really big dick. For another guy to see it, they had to show him theirs also, and he always had at least twice as much as any of the other kids. It had always been that way. Back when he was 6 and playing doctor, all the other little boys and girls marveled at how much bigger his "thingy" was than all the other boys. One of the boys had told him that his 6-year-old penis was bigger than his daddy's! (though Chris did wonder how the boy had gotten to see his father's cock hard).

Like most boys, Chris had been jerking since just after his 11th birthday, but his most exciting moment came just before his 13th birthday, when he shot cum for the first time! He remembered his sex-ed instructor teaching them that that would happen, but from what Chris remembered (it was from when he was 12), there wasn't supposed to be nearly as much semen, nor was he sure if it was supposed to shoot out like it did. Chris had to keep a towel in his room to wipe up the mess from his jerk-off sessions. A little face cloth didn't quite do it. Chris had to use at lest a hand towel. The worst part was when he wasn't careful about where he shot and how. The other day he had to climb up on a stool to get to the ceiling to wipe up his mess.

Chris showed off his dick to anybody who asked because, while he wasn't sure that he was totally normal down there, the look on people's faces when he showed them what he had made him feel really good. Very recently, a couple of older guys had tried to get him to let them touch it, but Chris freaked out and ran away...then went home and jerked off thinking about what it would be like. Chris was very confused about his sexuality also...he liked girls well enough, but when he jerked off, it he always thought about the other boy's dicks and what it would be like to touch them, and other boys seemed more interested in what he had, even though recently, lots of girls had started noticing.

Today, Chris had done what he had done dozens of times in the past year. Somebody accused him of stuffing a sock into his pants, and he denied it and to prove it, he pulled out his 13-year-old, 8-inch limp dick. Like always, the moment it was exposed to air and another person's gaze, Chris' dick got hard - 13 dripping, drooling inches of just-barely teen dick. The other kid's jaw had dropped and he started stroking himself when the PE teacher walked in, freaked, and ordered them both to the principal.

How did Chris know the dimensions so well? The very day that the sex-ed teacher explained what a "normal" penis was like (5-7 inches in length, 4-6 in girth), Chris rushed home and measured himself. Remember, this was just over a year ago. Chris was worried and concerned when he measured himself at just over 6 inches limp, and when he got hard (which was about as soon as he put the ruler on himself...Chris, like most 12-16 year olds, got hard when the wind blew), was exactly 11 inches long, and 6 inches around. Since then, he'd lengthened by 2 inches, and put on another 2 in girth. Chris did feel better the next day in sex-ed when one of his classmates, Charlie Rider, asked about "those guys in Penthouse with dorks this big," holding his hands about a foot apart. The sex-ed teacher answered that, just like some people were taller than others, men had different sized penises and that some men had very large ones (true). He also said that being extra-large was no big deal (false). Since then, Chris had discovered that being extra-large was a very big deal to some people; he just wasn't sure what to do with it.

Well, anyway, when they walked in the door, Carol said she was going to call Uncle Kurt. Chris was embarrassed, but there was nothing he could do. He went to his room, to await word from his mother.

As usual, the moment he walked in from school, his cock started throbbing and demanding attention. It had gotten to the point that he could barely go four hours without his dick getting hard all by itself. Well, this wasn't school where he had to go to the "Lost bathroom" (school nickname) and jerk himself off during lunch. He was home.

Chris unbuttoned his loose, baggy jeans and dropped them to the floor. Behind them, his over-stuffed boxers were already failing to hold his meat. The head was most of the way to his knee and the shaft pushing against the fabric by the time he got out of his underwear. Freed from the confining fabric, Chris's monster dong sprang free. Now, on a full grown man a measured 13 inch long rod looks massive, especially when it's as thick as a full-grown man's wrist, but on a scrawny, just barley teen boy, 13 inches is grotesquely huge! His youthful hard-on grew in length, thickness and rigidness until it was rock hard, the shaft at the base almost as thick as his upper arm, and it extended up, at a 45-degree angle. Precum had already started dripping out, bubbling out of the engorged head, running down the shaft, and dripping off his nuts onto the floor.

His nuts were easily as oversized as his cock, probably even more so. Each ball was the size of an orange, and they were held in a mostly hairless sac. That was the single most amazing thing about Chris' dick. It was of a size most men would kill for, but on a boy that was on the early side of puberty. His chest was hairless, his pubic patch was still sparse, his nuts and ass almost hairless but for some peach-fuzz. It was his cock that looked like it belonged on a full-grown man. This wasn't a 13-inch boydick; this was a 13 inch man-rod! The head was massive and flared, thick veins crawled up the length, and in the minute he spent gazing at his pecker, he had already oozed more precum than an average man oozed during an entire sex session. Chris was cut and the skin of his shaft was darker than the rest of him.

He continued to stand up, gazing at himself in his closet mirror. His long blond hair fell in waves; his tanned, hairless chest had pert brown nipples. He dropped both hands to his cock, and wiped them over the head, coating them with his precum. It took both of his 13 year-old hands to wrap around the girth, and that's exactly what he did, and immediately started taking full strokes up and down. Being 13, it only took a few moments before he threw his head back and began to cream.

As always, he looked down to watch himself cum. He'd never seen another man cum, but based on what the Sex-ed teacher taught them, he came a lot more than normal. The first jet rocketed out, flying the six feet between him and the wall, before splattering with an audible sound on the white plaster. He groaned as 6 more spurts flew across the room, the next few spurts didn't shoot as far, and before too long, he was down to long goobers of cum oozing out of his cock to the floor.

Quickly Chris cleaned up, his still half-hard, 10-inch pecker waving in front of him, wet and sticky. By the time he got done, the towel was pretty sticky. Luckily, his mom never asked him about all the towels he used. He had taken to using his bath towel, and just keeping it in the room. By the end of most days, it was soaked with his sperm, but there was always a fresh towel in the morning.

The next day was a Saturday, and Carol left to do some shopping and run errands, telling Chris that his Uncle Kurt would be by shortly to talk to him. That fact alone kept Chris' dick out of his hands as soon as his mom walked out, which was his normal habit. He didn't have to think about it too long. About 10 minutes after his mom left, Uncle Kurt came by.

They sat on the couch and chatted for a while. As far as Chris was concerned, Kurt was incredibly cool. He surfed, had a great job, was always taking him out, etc. Then Uncle Kurt dropped a bomb.

"Your mom tells me you've been showing off you dick in school. True?" Uncle Kurt asked.

Chris could do nothing but furiously blush, looking away. He had actually forgotten why his uncle was supposed to have a talk with him. The next words totally floored him.

"I used to do the same thing, at the same age. It's part of the fun of having a huge cock. Have you started sucking yourself off yet?

Chris just stared at him. First, he'd never heard his uncle swear, let alone use words like "cock" and "dick." Second, "sucked himself off?" He'd never thought of that! He knew he'd reach easily! When he was sitting, his dickhead was right by his young pecs. Chris couldn't wait until his uncle was gone so he could try it.

Uncle Kurt properly interpreted his nephew's silence.

"No, huh? I'm not surprised. I didn't figure it out until I was a year older than you."

What? Uncle Kurt sucks himself? Figure it out? Chris' head spun with confusion, lust and the realization of his own gayness.

Uncle Kurt leaned back and Chris stared at the thick tube that was blatantly obvious stretching down his uncle's leg. It looked like he had a baseball by his knee, and a bat stretching down to it. As Chris watched, a wet spot began to grow by the knee.

Kurt looked down, and looked at his nephew, smiled, then noticed the bulge in his nephew's pants.

"Holy shit, Kid! What are you growing in there! I didn't have a bulge like that at your age!"

Chris' pant leg was stretched taught by the teen dick that ran down it, the monstrous, flared head at his knee. His baggy jeans did nothing to hide the 13 inches of rock-hard teen dick that was so hard it was almost painful.

"You better free that thing before you hurt yourself, Chris," Uncle Kurt said. "I know my boner is painful in my pants! Would you mind if I freed it? Dicks like ours just don't do well in pants once we get hard."

And saying so, his uncle stood up, and dropped his pants, revealing the first dick Chris had ever seen bigger than his own, and it was obviously bigger! It was thicker, the head was larger, the nuts were even more immense than Chris' own, and it had to be at least 2 inches longer than his.

"C'mon kid. Don't leave me standing here with my dork out all alone. Strip down and let's see what you got."

Chris' head spun, he didn't know what to do. He was almost hypnotized by the rhythmic throbbing of his Uncle's massive penis. It wasn't until he felt his hands unbuttoning his pants that he realized he was obeying his uncle. Soon, Chris had dropped his pants, his own boner rock hard and drooling in front of him.

Uncle Kurt sat down and patted the couch next to him.

"Sit down here and let your Uncle show you how much fun blowing your own meat can be," and he leaned down and swabbed his fist-sized cockhead with his tongue.

When Chris saw this, it was too much. First, seeing his uncle naked, with a cock bigger than his own, then all the "sex talk" (it wasn't much, but more than enough for a 13 year old), now seeing his uncle lick his own dick brought him over the edge.

With a loud groan, he began to shoot, yard-long streams of boy-cream shooting out. To Chris' mortification, the first couple of shots flew out and landed on his uncle! Kurt laughed and reached out to his nephew's rod and jerked it as Chris finished his cum.

"I...I.... I'm so sorry, Uncle Kurt! I don't know what happened! I'm sorry I got some on you, I..."

"Don't worry about it, kid. "Uncle Kurt interrupted. It happens! Is mine the first man's cock you've ever seen?"

"Yeah. I've seen a few of the other boys, but that's it."

Now that he had blown, Chris' head was a bit calmer. He was almost in a fog, a haze of confusion, but Uncle Kurt was being so cool, Chris was a bit more relaxed. His cock hadn't gotten in the least bit soft; it still was rock hard and throbbing, precum flowing out. Looking at his Uncle's rod, Chris saw the same thing. Uncle Kurt was still rock hard (of course, he hadn't cum), but precum had oozed out and had coated his dick and nuts and was starting to pool on the ground beneath him.

"So, you still interested in learning how to suck yourself?"

Chris sat down next to his uncle, but not touching. Uncle Kurt got up and sat down closer, so their thighs were touching.

"It's more fun when you can feel some flesh next to you, "he said with a grin.

It was quite a sight. Uncle Kurt's 6'4, 210# body, hairy chest and legs, goatee and short, dark hair set off by a rod that grew from a super-thick base lost in a tangle of dense, black pubic hair to a almost fist-sized head the throbbed and oozed below his pecs, and a pair of humongous nuts dangling down in a sac half the length of his dick. Next to him, what Kurt probably looked like as a boy, hairless, nice body, but with the standard teen lankiness and smoothness, but a cock that rivaled the monster beside it. Not quite as long, not quite as thick, the nuts weren't quite a massive, but the copious precum was the same, and they were both gargantuan flesh towers.

Chris looked over at his uncle, and feeling very brave asked how big he was.

Uncle Kurt smiled. "Fifteen throbbing inches, almost 9 inches around! How about you? About 13?"

Chris nodded yes.

"Damn kid! I only had 10 inches when I was your age! You're going to be a freak, even in a family of freaks!"

Chris didn't know how to respond. His uncle was obviously impressed, so Chris figured this was a good thing.

"Now, follow my lead," Uncle Kurt said, and grabbed his dick about halfway up the shaft, with a full hand of dick below and above his fist.

He leaned down and started lapping at his dickhead, swabbing it, licking up all the precum that had coated it, replacing it with his salvia.

"Now you try it, Chris." Kurt urged. "It's great, you'll love it."

Chris bent over (and not very far) and stuck out his tongue. His precum coated it, and Chris moaned with how good it felt to touch his cockhead with his tongue, and how good it tasted. He lowered his head further, taking most of the head into his mouth, tasting his precum coating every surface in his mouth, and his cock throbbed as his head experienced it's first mouth, and it was his own! Again, it felt too good. Uncle Kurt noticed Chris' balls swell and pull up, and told him to eat his cum, that it would taste great.

Chris' head was swimming with the incredible feelings his tongue and lips were giving to his dick, and his Uncle's words, but all that confusion was suddenly erased as the first torrent of cum splashed into Chris' mouth. He started to gag, as the first shot erupted straight back and down his throat, but as soon as the taste hit his tongue, that went away. For what seemed like forever, Chris sucked down his cum, shooting as much as he ever had in his life. The sweet saltiness of his load filled his mouth as fast as he could swallow. But, like all good things, Chris' first self-suck orgasm ended. He took a last few licks of his still hard dick before looking up towards his uncle.

Uncle Kurt was just beginning his orgasm, from watching his nephew suck down his first self-load. Chris watched wide-eyed as Uncle Kurt's cheeks puffed out and trickles of cum leaked from the corner of his lips. Kurt saw Chris watching and pulled back slightly, so Chris could see the next 2 blasts leap from his uncle's fist-sized head into his waiting mouth. Then Kurt put his mouth back on himself, to suck down the rest of his load.

Chris and his uncle didn't do anything more that day. Meaning, Kurt didn't teach his nephew how to suck somebody else's cock (like his), nor did anybody get fucked. Kurt did have the talk with his nephew that Carol wanted him to have. Kurt explained, that while having a freaky-big dick is awesome, and showing it off even more fun, there is a time and place for everything, and the middle of the school day, on school grounds, isn't the time and place. (Here Kurt fudged a bit. He did a lot of showing off during the school day and on school grounds. It was just while fucking a few teachers, who in return didn't mind if he flashed his monstrous floppy). Chris sucked himself off a couple more times while Uncle Kurt watched and gave tips, and even tickled his nuts a bit, and then it was time for Kurt to go home.

Chris was still confused, still not sure what was going on, but at least now he felt better about himself, and figured he could listen to his uncle and not show off in least where he could get caught! Uncle Kurt promised that anytime Chris wanted to talk, he'd be available, and to talk to him before doing anything stupid! Or, even if you're not sure if it's stupid, call first.

Carol greeted her son when she got home, and asked if he had a good talk with his uncle. Chris managed to choke out an answer before fleeing to his room. Carol was a bit mystified, but figured her son was just a bit flustered after having a father/son-type talk, where sex was probably discussed, and we all know how embarrassing that is to a teen!

Thinking about her brother, Carol's twat began to itch. Ever since they had first fucked, when she was 16 and he was 14, few men had been able to satisfy her as well. A lot of it did have to do with his monstrous cock, Carol freely admitted. She knew she loved huge dick before she found out her brother had a monster, and riding him as he grew from the 10 inches she found him at to his current 15 spoiled her for average meat. One of the few men who had satisfied her as well was Chris's father. She looked at the clock and sighed. It was too late to call Kurt and see if he had time for a quick fuck. His son, Toby, would be home right about now. She walked to her room, shoved in her biggest vibrator and rode it. Down the hall, her son was furiously sucking away on his own dick.

The next day was Saturday, and almost as soon as it started, Chris ran over to his Uncle's house. He wanted more. He wasn't sure what he wanted, but whatever it was, it was more. He knocked on the door, but it was his cousin, Toby, who answered. Toby and Chris were close, almost like brothers. Few days had gone by that they hadn't seen each other. They were almost the same age, Toby just a few weeks younger. In looks though, they were rather different. As Chris was blond and blue-eyed, his cousin was dark haired and dark-eyed. His mother was a Latina, and between that and his father's genes, he came out a gorgeous Castilian boy, thin, but not bony, light cocoa smooth skin, and like his cousin, just on the cusp of full puberty. Their faces hadn't caught up to where their bodies were going. Both were boy-faced, and both were gorgeous.

"Hey Toby! Your dad home?" Chris asked, smiling, his dick already starting to twitch.

"Nope, he just left. Wanna play some Tekken?" Toby replied.

Chris, for the first time in his life, had his big head overridden by the little one between his legs. Granted, his little head was monstrous and would be expected to override the brain.

"Ummm, no. I have something to show you that's much better!" he said, blushing, but too horny to care.

"Really? What?"

Toby had no idea exactly what his cousin was talking about, but there was a tension in the air that was making him flush and twitch.

"Let's go up to your room. It's kinda personal."

The 2 boys ran up the stairs to Toby's room. Chris closed the door behind him. By this time, his cock was rock hard, and painful in his pants. Toby was also hard, a bulge almost as huge stretching to his knee.

"So, what's so personal?" Toby asked.

Now, Toby and Chris had jerked off once or twice together recently. They had noticed that they were much bigger than the other boys, and compared. Chris was bigger, but only by a couple of inches, and Toby was almost as thick, and his nuts just as big!

"Watch!!" Chris exclaimed. He yanked off his pants, leaned down and sucked his cockhead into his mouth.

"Holy Shit, Dude! You're licking your own dick!"

Chris looked up, a string of precum stretched from his lips to his monster, teen cockhead. "It feels great, Toby! You have to try it!"

Toby stripped quickly, and sat down on the edge of his bed, and Chris joined him. Copying his cousin, Toby grabbed his 11-inch, 13-year old cock by the base, leaned down and ran his tongue along his enormous cockhead.

"Oh shit!" he moaned as he did so.

Chris smiled around his own penis as he rubbed his nuts and shoved his cock farther down his throat. The two super-hung teens sat there, watching each other slurp all over their own penises. Their moans and slurps grew louder, and with a howl they both blew! Huge teen nuts drew up and emptied, Massive, wrist-thick boy-meat throbbed as each eagerly drank the huge load that spewed from their freaky dicks. Hungrily they groaned and swallowed as their orgasms slowly subsided.

Toby lifted his head from his still-hard dick, cum coating his lips. He swallowed. "Shit, Cuz, where'd you learn that?"

Chris smiled and looked at his cousin, assuming he looked as hot as Toby did, lips covered with cum, cock still hard and wet from it's recent sucking. "Your dad, dude."

"What? You're shitting me!"

Chris related what happened yesterday, and as he did so, Toby began to slurp on this meat again in lust as his cousin described how his dad has taught him how to self-suck. "How big did you say my dad's meat was, dude?"

"15 inches. I measured it."

Toby sat there in shock, thinking about his hot dad and his hot cousin. Chris sat there hard and sucking, thinking about his hot uncle and cousin. Chris and Toby looked at each other, and then leaned towards each other. Their lips met, and they kissed a deep cousin kiss, sharing the cum that was still on their lips and tongue. Chris reached into his cousin's lap at the same time Toby reached into his. Their hands moved simultaneously, caressing each other's immense shafts and nuts. A few times before they'd almost gone farther than just jerking off. Today was the day they finally would. Suddenly Toby sat up (his hand still on his cousin's prick), "Hey Chris," Toby asked, "you know where my dad is?"

Carol's fingernails clawed her brother's back as he ploughed his huge cock in and out of her swollen cunt. Kurt's massive horse-dick was fully engorged, all 15 rigid inches plunging in and out, her bright-red pussy lips stretched tight around his arm-thick girth. Just like she had since the first time she'd taken her brother's enormous penis at 16, Carol took him to the hilt. Kurt's freaky nuts, filled with cum to the size of grapefruits bounced off his sister's ass as he watched her basketball-sized tits bounce with each thrust. Few women could take him to the nuts, and none could get pounded like his sister!

Carol howled as she felt yet another orgasm come. As always happened when her cunt was filled with huge meat, especially her brothers, Carol was a cum-machine. In the hour since she'd sat on her brother's meat, she'd lost track of the orgasms - they just flowed from one to another in endless bliss. The bed under them was soaked with her juices and his. 3 times in the past hour Kurt's huge cum-bag had emptied it's load into his sister, flooding her pussy with his thick scum. Between that, and the pints of his precum and her pussy juice, and their sweat, the bed and the room was soaked with sex.

Groaning, Kurt emptied yet another load into his big sister. This time, as they came down from, their orgasms, Kurt lay on top of his sister, her massive tits every bit as oversized as his cock squashed between them, padding his strong chest down to her belly. They rolled over to their sides, his huge penis still in her, facing each other. Propping their heads up on arms, they began to talk. Actually, quite a sight. His strong, body was across from hers, her massive tits filling the gap between them. Trash-bag sized breasts, full and firm (and fully natural!), with nipples as big, and as sensitive, and small cocks falling off of her lean, blond bombshell body.

"So," Carol asked, "did you have a good talk with your nephew? I'm not going to have to pick him up from school any more?"

"Well Sis, "Kurt smirked, "probably not, but I gotta tell, that boy of ours has a dick as big as Bill's was." [Bill was Chris's father]

Kurt felt his sister's twat twitch around his shaft. Carol had been resisting going after her son. For some reason, fucking your brother was o.k., but she was balking at mom/son. Kurt had been suggesting she do so since the first time Chris had been caught showing off at school. Kurt knew the only thing that had kept him out of trouble as a teen was having a steady supply of pussy and ass, dick and mouth at home to keep his nuts drained.

Carol's eyes grew wide. "Really? But he's only 13!"

"I know, but the little fucker has a prick that's going to be rivaling mine in a year! And he already shoots and drips more than I did at that age - much more."

Carol narrowed her eyes and looked at her brother.

"What exactly did the two of you do besides talk?"

"What do you expect, Sis? I did talk to him about not getting caught, that you have to be careful and circumspect when you show off your dick, but Christ! You should have seen the bulge in his pants, and so I showed him how to suck himself off. That's all. Nothing more."

"Really? That's all?" Carol sarcastically asked. "Just stripped, showed off that huge dick of yours, got your 13-year-old nephew naked, and taught him how to blow himself, by example, I assume?"

Kurt could barely contain his laughter (but was still hard in his sister's pussy) at his sister's combination of lust, and wanting to be offended at the thought of her baby boy being molested by her brother. (But can you molest the willing and needy?)

"Yes, of course by example! It's not the kind of thing that's easy to explain."

Carol smiled. Self-sucking is how she walked in on her brother the day she found out about his 14-year-old, 12-inch prick, and since then, she had had many an orgasm watching her brother auto-fellatiate and helping him suck down his own load. Her favorite was watching her brother get fucked as he blew himself.

"So," Carol said, running her hands through her brother's chest hair, and gently massaging his swollen shaft head with her cunt-muscles, "tell me more about my son's huge penis."

Kurt grabbed her and rolled onto his back and she sat up, his 15-inch long, 3-inch thick shaft buried to the hilt in her. As always, Kurt took a moment to gaze in admiration at the hot shot of his sister's immense pussy-lips spread wide around the dark veiny base of his shaft. He reached his hands up, reaching out to the huge, 6-inch nipples that were almost even with Carol's bellybutton. Now that Carol was upright, the full size of her breasts were apparent. Huge twin balloons of mammalia fell, covering her upper body in a fleshy blanket. Falling almost to where her vagina was stretched around her brother, Carol's breasts were the largest her family had ever had.

She began to pull and tug on her cock-sized nipples, almost jerking them off as she began to ride up and down on her brother's horse-meat. Kurt lay under her, letting her ride him off as he described in detail her son's smooth teen body and immense cock, giving her blow-by-blow description of his cock shooting all over him the first time, the way his nuts drew up and shaft throbbed as he drank his first load. Together, Kurt and Carol, brother and sister rode each other to mind-blowing cums talking about a teen boy's huge penis. Actually, Kurt came thinking about his son, Toby, and what he was packing and if he had learned to suck it yet.

Toby had. Things had progressed nicely in Toby's room. The two boys were naked and on Toby's bed. Their hairless 13-year-old bodies were pressed against each other, two huge cocks, one even more massive than the other, between them, their chests soaked with their combined precum and their lips locked together. Their twin pairs of nuts were falling on each other, as the 2 boys writhed in lust, their shafts rubbing against each other, engorged cockheads bigger than their boy-fists side-by-side.

The two boys' eyes were closed as they lip-locked, cousin-tongues trading spit. They felt each other's shafts get harder, thicker, their nuts shoved against each other as they pulled up, forcing Toby and Chris to spread their legs to give them room. Their eyes opened, and still lip-locked, looking into each other's eyes, they came.

Instantly their chins and faces were coated with each other's splooge as the first shot and the second, third, fourth and fifth shot up from their cocks, which were already up to their boy-pecs, sprayed more cum than either boy had ever produced in huge, thick gouts. Some sprayed past their faces to splatter on the wall, but most got caught by their faces and chests. Eagerly, Chris and Toby broke off their kiss and licked and sucked their own, and each other's cum off their faces. Slowly, their mutual orgasm subsided. Massive geysers of cum replaced by spurts, then oozings over their chests, rolling down to the bed. The cousins continued to kiss, caught up in the afterglow.

"Wow. That was incredible," Toby whispered. Chris just smiled and kissed his cousin again.

They began to hump together again, pricks still hard, balls still churning full of boycum.


"Yeah, Chris?"

"Can I try something?"


Chris broke their embrace and slithered down his cousin's smooth light-brown body. Toby rolled over onto his back, the 11-inch rod that was his cock flopping up his belly to his chest. As Chris went down Toby's body, he grabbed onto his dick, pulling it straight up as he knelt between his cousin's legs. Toby moaned from the feeling of Chris's hands on his shaft, Then Chris lowered his head and applied what he had learned in the past 24 hours of sucking his meat to his cousin's slightly smaller, but still monstrous penis.

"Oh Fuck, dude! That's incredible!" Toby moaned as his cousin stretched his young lips wide around his smooth purple cockhead, taking it and just some shaft into his mouth. He began to slurp and suck, running his tongue as much as he could around the flesh in his mouth, running his hands up and down the fat, veiny shaft.

Chris groaned his lust as Toby's huge boydick poured precum into his mouth. Toby began to thrust his hips up uncontrollably, ramming his cock into his cousin's mouth. Chris took it, relaxing like he had the previous night when he slipped his own dickhead past his tonsils. With a loud scream, Toby unloaded his 3rd load of the day. Despite cumming twice in the past 30 minutes, this load was just as big. Cum splashed off Chris's mouth, his tongue, filling his mouth as burst after burst of cum sprayed out of Toby. Chris gamely tried to swallow it all, but there was too much. Quite a bit too much. Just as much as when he came.

Toby had barely come down from his orgasm before he was pushing his cousin back and diving between his hairless tan legs, drinking precum directly from the source. Just like his cousin had done, but not as expertly (after all, he'd only just learned how to suck cock, and Chris had drunk a half-dozen loads from his nuts already) Toby sucked his first penis that wasn't his own.

He slurped and sucked, licking and jerking Chris's shaft, marveling at how much thicker and longer it was than his. As he lowered his head and licked the huge orbs of his cousin's nuts, Toby had the thought that at least my nuts are just as big! He moved up the shaft, nibbling and licking. Chris thrashed, not knowing a natural-born cocksucker was learning his craft. When Toby got back to the huge head, larger than his boy-fist, he opened his mouth wide, closed his eyes and swallowed his cousin's immense boy-prick. Chris gasped as he felt his cousin's nose press against the peach fuzz that was preceding his pubes.

Toby lifted his lead, feeling the huge head pop out of his throat and drip its precum into his mouth.

"Holy Shit, dude! How'd you do that?" Chris exclaimed, amazed his cousin could still breathe.

Toby cleared his throat.

"I have no idea. Did it feel good?"

"Oh god, yes! Can you do it again?"

Toby opened wide and swallowed all 13 inches of his cousin's cock again. This time, it was too much for Chris. Toby backed off quickly as Chris screamed that he was cumming, and was able to get the first blast in his mouth. Toby drank Chris's cum eagerly, shoving him down this throat to feel him pulse right into his stomach, pulling back to taste the huge load as it continued to spray from Chris's gigantic boyhose.

Eventually, though, even Chris's balls were emptied, and Toby came up from his cousin's lap. Again they kissed. And snuggled. After blasting four loads each in less than an hour, both were exhausted. And that's how Kurt found them.

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Post by fdragon »

whoa! That's hott!

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Post by Safety2006 »

Pretty good..and LONG..took me like 25 minutes to read...some of it sounded awfuly exaggerated but it was usual. :D
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Post by horndog4manmeat »

Damn! I know this is pure HUGE as a few "freaks" are, no one has dicks this huge w balls this big & that much precum or jizz, but the fantasy always drives me FUCKIN' nuts w lust & desire! Killer story!

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horndog4manmeat wrote:Damn! I know this is pure fantasy...
...but the fantasy always drives me FUCKIN' nuts w lust & desire! Killer story!
same know it can't possibly be real, but that doesn't keep it from being scorching hot. my dad always said "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story"! ;) :)

i found that one at and i keep hoping that some time i will find that a new chapter has been added.
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The hottest part

Post by Elrond »

In my early teens I used to fantasize about my uncle, who looked a lot like a thinner Tom Sellick, and friendly as hell.

And I had a lot of fantasies about suddenly having an outrageously long dick. The sudden growth is the thing. Like I would write a story in my head about a guy who made a deal with the devil and one day he gets a boner while in the water at the beach. His shorts get ripped clean-off and his pole is wagging around his shoulders as he shudders with mortification.

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Re: Horse-dicked Cousins

Post by transplanted okie2 »

Great story, can;t wait for the next part !! :) :)

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Re: Horse-dicked Cousins

Post by Ziggurat »

wow!.. couldn't resist... started stroking at the half way point and came before the end... cant wait fir chapter 2!
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Re: Horse-dicked Cousins

Post by Happy Boy »

yeah i really liked that one, and it is one of the ones i still go back and re-read from time to time. :)

as i recall, what i re-posted is actually chapters 1 & 2...there was a chapter 3, but it didn't have any selfing and was just gay stuff between the guys. i think someone else posted it to the forum at some point, but i never saw a chapter 4. :(
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Re: Horse-dicked Cousins

Post by wylecyot »

I believe you're right happy boy. Chapter 4 never got written 17 years ago

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