True first times

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True first times, part 5

Post by mso_lucky »

One evening, I was home alone and I was looking forward to play my favorite game: sucking myself.
As I previously mentioned, I sucked myself in every corner of the house. I was wondering where I could do it when I gazed at one of the basement windows. This window was under our porch and the accumulation of snow provided great privacy. You read correctly, snow, it was winter!

I opened the window to see if it might be possible to suck myself there, to see if it wouldn't be too cold.
Surprisingly, sheltered from the wind like inside an igloo, it was not too cold. There was some snow on the ground; but you could still see frozen earth in places. I stripped; but I put my boots on, for fear of getting cold feet and I went out the window.
At first, sitting on the floor, bare ass, well yes, it was cold; but after a while I became accustomed.
As many should know after being in cold water, our favorite organ tends to shrink when it is cold.

Since I was very limber, I could sometimes take all my cock in my mouth. Even if my cock wanted to play hide and seek like a turtle hiding in its shell; this ability proved to be useful and I was able to wrap my lips around my shrunken dick. Once it was in my mouth, my cock didn't take long to go back to its normal size and I started to suck it and lick it, giving myself the usual pleasure.

Even if I moved up and down sucking my cock and enjoying it, the cold started to take its tow on the rest of my body. I needed to speed things up and my cock reacted accordingly. I could feel the build up and I felt the first shot of cum in my mouth, then another, and another. I swallowed this nice load of cum, lick myself clean and came back inside in the warm. I repeated the experience a couple times; but that night was the first time I suck myself outside during winter.

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True first times, part 6

Post by mso_lucky »

Most of my selfsuck sessions happened in my bedroom. However, my parent's bedroom became one of my favorite places to suck my cock when my parents weren't around.

One day, I looked in my parent's dressers and found something interesting in one of my mother's drawers. Among her bras, there was a sort of detachable strap. I guess she could modify that bra to wear it with a strapless dress. This strap was soft and comfortable and I don't know how I got this idea; but I wrapped it around the base of my cock. The blood flow in my cock being stopped, it gave me a rock hard erection that I could maintain without touching myself. In a way, I just created my first cock ring. With this cock ring, I didn't have to suck my cock to make it hard. This allowed me to easily lick it up and down, to move my tongue around the head of my cock without using my hands which were placed under my thighs to help me take more of my cock in my mouth.

This new found accessory was not the only reason my parent's bedroom became one of my favorite rooms. Selfsucking on their bed, I was able to see myself in the mirror that was above my mother's dresser. Furthermore, their closet doors were sliding mirror doors. Selfsucking on my parent's bedroom floor, I had an even closer look at myself with my cock in my mouth.

Licking and sucking myself like that was great until it wasn't. The stop of blood flow made my dick blue and after a while it even became painful. I knew I had to remove this strap at some point anyway because if I came on it, I would have a hard time explaining it to my mom. After removing the strap, my cock was very sensitive; but this didn't stop my selfsuck session.

There was something exciting with being able to see myself. To see my cock in my mouth, to see myself lick it. I could feel the load cumming, I could see myself when I came in my mouth. I didn't swallow right away. Opening my mouth, I could see my cum before swallowing it. That was wonderful.

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Re: True first times

Post by Chadwick81 »

I was maybe 14 and was hanging out at the gravel pit near my house. I spent a lot of time here as a teen. It was a great place to stroke my cock. I could strip right down and walk around with my hard cock swinging. I had broken into a women’s house and stole a big rubber dildo and bras and panties from her drawers. I had big plans. I got the furthest corner of the pit and stripped down. My cock was rock hard and oozing pre cum, from the thoughts in my mind. I dressed up in her lingerie and pulled out the big rubber cock. I slid my mouth up and down on it, sliding it deeper and deeper down my throat. Unfortunately this was 25 years ago before phones or I woulda made videos. I deep throated the dildo for a good twenty minutes, I just couldn’t get enough. I found a nice spot to lay down and pulled the panties down to my knees. I put my legs up spit in my hand and got my tight virgin asshole nice and wet. I slowly slid the dildo in and out until I found a good rhythm. I’d never felt such an intense feeling. I worked the dildo in and out until I blew a huge load on myself with out even touching my cock. I pulled the dildo out and rubbed cum all over it and slid it back in my ass. I wanted real cock in my mouth, so with dildo in ass I brought my legs over and pushed on my ass until my throbbing cock was on my lips. I licked around the head while I stroked until I shot a huge load down my throat. I found a new hobby that day and had a goal, get my whole cock in my mouth. I would eventually get most of it, but haven’t been able to in about ten years.
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Re: True first times

Post by Ziggurat »

Daaaamn. Great story Chadwick. I remember stealing some toys from some aunts. Never broke into anyones house before though..
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Re: True first times

Post by art_of_edging »

First Cum Outside

I was on a Saturday bike ride deep in the forest.
My cock had been throbbing on the bike seat for miles.
Every bump pressed on my engorged perineum.
So much precum started to flow out I couldn't ride anymore.

Stopped at a clearing next to a beaver pond.

Didn't even bother to look around...

Pulled my aching cock out of my zipper.
Milked out a stream of precum that filled the palm of my hand.
Swallowed it down before it could cool.

Dismounted my bike and placed it against a tree.
Stripped my clothes off and laid them out to flip over on.

Cock was so hard I barely needed pressure on my hips.
Reached up and squeezed my perineum.
Full stream of precum leaked into my mouth.

Pulled my hips down and it was already a done deal.
My cock head plumped with blood as cum began the journey from my balls.
The tongue pooled what was left in the pipe anticipating the first pulse.

So much power, I see stars as cum pumps out.
The force in my cock was too much for my tongue.
A powerful stream hit the back of my throat.
I could barely keep it all in.

Sucked out every drop, milking out the last bead onto the tip of my tongue.

Got dressed and finished my ride.

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