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autofellatio lifestyle p4 is out!

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Autofellatio Lifestyle Pt. 04
an exciting new chapter in the diary of a self sucker...not me, i'm just reposting it from literotica.
(p1-3 and other stories by the author here)

Autofellatio Lifestyle Pt. 04

Another hot round of hard and ravenous self-sucking.

I had just returned home from spending a long Christmas break with my family in north Florida. The weather had been unseasonably warm all week and I had spent most of the holiday week in shorts, as did all the hot college women living around my parents neighborhood. Watching all those hot girls around the community pool on a daily basis had gotten me insanely aroused all week with no way to relieve my growing sexual anxiety. During the endless family gatherings all I could think about was sexual and masturbatory-related fantasies I desperately needed to work out.

On several occasions I had the opportunity to get away for a few precious minutes to the bathroom, or up in our walk-in attic to get a few quick strokes in to pacify my needy penis for a few moments. I always felt rushed or paranoid though, and just couldn't relax to make myself cum, so I was never able to bring myself to orgasm before being interrupted or just getting too nervous to go till completion.

I normally live and work alone in a two bedroom apartment near my local college campus. When I'm at home there I to masturbate to orgasm regularly every day, not really because I have to, but because it's the fastest, most effective way to relax and clear my brain. I've tried running and various other forms of exercise, but nothing really works quite as effectively as pleasuring my stiff erection for hours on end. Due to my living conditions and flexible work schedule, carving out a long daily masturbation routine is easier for me than I imagine it would be for most people. My stress level tends to spike from day to day, depending on my work-load, various deadlines, the amount of sleep I get, or the amount of quality masturbation time I set aside for myself.

For a long time I found myself dressing and undressing before and after my frequent, daily masturbation sessions. After months of this I started questioning the necessity for all the clothing changes, often changing clothes three or four times a day and assigning items worn only two or three hours as "dirty", needlessly running up my number of laundry loads. Eventually I just stopped dressing all together and work completely naked at my work PC every day between edging sessions, occasionally wearing only a bathrobe and a pair of socks when it got cold.

Constant nakedness tends to raise my level of sexual arousal though. Staying naked for 6 or 7 days straight sometimes promotes the opportunity to touch my genitals a lot more often. Having instant pleasure available at a moments notice is a bit difficult to pass up for me and the constant view and smell of my ever-whispering cock is often an irresistible trigger to divert my attention to masturbatory activities. I regularly find myself absent-mindedly pinching and kneeding my limp or semi-erect penis between my fingers while I'm typing, watching television, talking on the phone, or even eating a meal. At night its not unusual that I'll wake up gripping a rock-hard erection. I do the best with this that I can though and I'm willing to tolerate the regular distraction rather than deal with the hassle of clothing and laundry all the time.

The longer I edge, the more I feel completely enslaved to the ritual of sustained self-pleasure. God, I seem to need to keep an erection working all the time and it feels so good when I do. My cock is always demanding more attention and takes everything I give it, always wanting more every day. I can really work it good and hard when I'm cranked up and surrender myself and abandon all my resistance to the demands of my horny flesh for as long as it wants. Some days my mindset is completely focused on pleasure and sexual gratification and I hopelessly keep a steady erection going to the point of physical and mental exhaustion before any hope for a mental reset kicks in.

I usually work out my marathon sessions spread wide in my large beanbag chair in front of a 36" monitor that I have mounted on the wall of an 8x4 foot masturbation closet that I created for my long, isolated stroke sessions. From there a dedicated porn PC with speakers on the top shelf displays the most delicious HD female masturbation and sex videos known to man. A long-cabled mouse runs down to the floor and an on-screen keyboard eliminates the clutter any other peripherals. Nothing feels better or relaxes me than spreading my legs out nice and wide and throwing my head back as I methodically work my greasy eight inch shaft with determined conviction as I watch hours of juicy, red hot porn.

When I get really hot and sweaty I start to smell my sex rising into the air. It's strong, pungent and arousing, especially in the enclosure of my darkened stroking closet. Once I'm worked up and coated in a film of sweat I like to drag my finger across the moist tendon between the edge of my sack and where my upper thighs intersects my pelvis, then lick the salty excretion to experience the flavor of my personal body chemistry, diffusing the flavor of my sweaty crotch throughout my mouth. It tastes like me, the perfect intimate foreplay for a session of self-sex. My essence spreads throughout my nose and mouth as I sample the salty discharge.

The hormone-laden aroma from my sweat glands around my damp crotch always puts me into a super horny mood and I gyrate and pump my pelvis to meet the caresses of my massaging fingers and hand. I fantasize about sucking the sweet glistening sweat from the bulging extensor muscles that rise from my inner thighs as I spread my legs wide. I moan in delirious ecstasy and make passionate love to my aching flesh, often with both hands, ignoring the gooey stringy mess that spreads out around me. I briefly devolve into a base creature of carnal lust and writhe and moan, drunk with dizzying self-lust as I work my cock hard into the long evenings.

When I returned home after Christmas my need for sexual relief became almost painful, to the point I was insane with the need to devour and consume my own horny flesh until it relinquished its warm, soothing gifts from the tip of my aroused flesh. After a week of almost total abstinence all I could think of was how badly I needed my cock returned to its usual state, in my mouth, my hands, or probing the interior of my stroke toys. My mouth began to water at the thought of tasting myself again as if my cock were a fondly missed lover and I smacked my lips trying to recall it's taste in my memory.

On the long car ride home I began to sometimes shove my fingers down into my sweatpants, down the edges of my warm, sweaty inner thighs to sample how strong my personal flavor was becoming as I drove. It smelled so incredibly good and inviting down there and I began mentally promising my cock how good it was going to get it as soon as we reached our sanctuary. I wiped the damp film across my top lip to sample it's flavor, desperate to taste and lick it from my body again as soon as possible. As I drove I would lick my lips with my tongue to get a taste of the dried fluids I had placed there and fantasize about all the spots around my smoothly shaved genitals I wanted to suck clean.

The more I fantasized, the more difficult it became to resist stimulating myself and I began counting the slowly passing mile markers in painful anticipation. My cock stiffened in my sweats and I pinched and massaged it constantly from the outside, fighting the urge to pull it out and just go at it as I drove. Before leaving Florida I purposefully shed my underwear for the road trip so I could drive commando, just in case the urge to masturbate became too overwhelming. I often masturbate for hours on long road trips and honestly didn't know if I would be able to make it home before having a session on the highway along the way. On this occasion I intentionally dressed in sweat pants, knowing they would retain a lot of crotch heat and sweat, especially with a lack of underwear to keep me dry down there. I felt like such a pervert, but my need for personal fulfillment was starting to override all other considerations, even the personal comfort of shorts.

As I drove and planned all the delicious debauchery I was going to perform on my body I could feel precum oozing from the tip of my expanding and contracting glans as it responded to my growing level of arousal. Several dark, sticky wet spots formed on the outside of my sweat pants and I took to fingering the leaky fluid from my glans and licking the sweet fluid across the top of my tongue, which only made the prolonged agony greater. I knew that if I started masturbating while I drove I wouldn't have the willpower to stop myself until I came, resulting in a frustrating and hurried interstate orgasm, squeezed in between the brief intervals of passing semi trucks. That wasn't the way I wanted to break my nine day dry streak.

When I finally got back into town my willpower had obliterated. Over the last hour of driving my thoughts were completely consumed with fantasies of intercourse and fellatio. About 30 miles from the city limits I broke down and pulled my erection out and started squeezing and tugging it softly. I pulled my sweat pants halfway down to my knees for complete access and after getting a few good rhythmical strokes going the tension of the last week really started to subside. The smell of my stale, sweaty penis had quickly filled the car as I repeatedly retracted and peeled back my partial foreskin with every down-stroke.

My most potent sexual odors always seem to collect just below the corona of my glans and release into the air when exposed, signaling my brain of impending sexual activity. The sharp, yeasty aroma excited my senses as I pumped my stiff shaft from the base, causing my glans to bulge and darken as blood ebbed and flowed though my hardened member in my lap. My eyes narrowed in blessed relief though, as if I were drunk from arousal and relief as I drove the last few blocks to my apartment. I took long, deep breaths, then released them, enjoying the sudden onset of physical relaxation. I was so ready to get into it and had planned every step of the next impending ten minutes to avoid any slightest delay.

Once inside I didn't even unpack my travel bags, dropping them just inside the doorway. I locked the door, and made a bee-line to my bedroom, stripping off clothing as I walked. I quickly turned the power of my various electronic devices on, then assembled my stroking supplies, lube, towels, an anal vibrator (if I decided to add it into the session), and a bottle of cold water for a long evening of hardcore cock work. I ran through some quick stretching exercises, then entered my private closet and turned on my porn PC and slumped deep into my beanbag. I threw my legs over my head, placed my bare feet on the dirty wall behind my head and stretched out a little more as I adjusted my shoulders beneath me.

My stiff, raging erection hung slightly above and in front of my face, bobbing invitingly an inch from my mouth and nose. At close proximity I could really smell my own sweaty pheromones between my legs easily now, concentrated and radiating from where my thighs meet my crotch and genitals. The multi-hour drive from Florida had gotten me really hot and sweaty as I had hoped and I was eager to take full advantage of my condition. My shaved sack and sourrounding scrotal area glistened with sweat that leached from my most intimate pores. I really could have used a shower, but the aroma of hours of built up, warm sweat without the assistance of absorptive cotton underwear had created a potent personal aphrodisiac sending my hunger for personal bodily communion into overdrive. I smelled so sexual and raw and wanted to lick and taste every inch of my smooth skin there.

Bubbly precum formed and glistened at the tip of my glans and had been steadily making a snail-trail down the underside of my red swollen shaft as my cock bounced and stared at me from above, inviting me to lick it clean. I was so horny and aroused I could literally feel the warmth radiating from it's surface on my cheeks in anticipation for what was coming next. I gave it a few short tugs from the base and my heart beat wildly in my chest as my breathing quickened and deepened. My mouth watered in anticipation and I moisten my lips as I finally settled into a comfortable position and slowly began to walk my erection towards towards my lips, pressing the warm glans at last to my face and finally into my warm mouth.

I quickly sucked at the fleshy intrusion, ignoring my usual foreplay routine as my glans slipped past my mips and just inside my mouth. I anchored it lightly with my teeth just behind the mushrooming corona and was instantly rewarded with a little burst of pleasure from the exquisite stimulation. I slowly angled my face upwards slightly and ran my tongue across the underside of my shaft several times, collecting the salty-sweet precum trail that had accumulated and withdrew each sample back into my mouth to enjoy. The sensation of my raspy warm tongue massaging my grateful penis washed over me just as the salty and inflamed glans pushed further into the wet oral cavity, sliding across my tongue as I pulled it inside.

I moaned softly from the exquisite ecstasy and took several long, deep relaxing breaths as two full inches of shaft slid past the gentle grip of my lips. My tongue rolled slowly in circles around the stiffening glans, methodically extracted the salty flavor of my long day from beneath the pockets of soft foreskin that wrapped around the lower half of my reddened glans. The familiar, unadulterated tastes and smells of my body diffused throughout my oral cavity as I lovingly bathed my warm erection in stringy saliva that had been quickly filling my mouth. I forced the shaft deeper into my mouth as I contracted my body to facilitate its entry. The pleasure was so unbelievable and desperately needed and I reminded myself I could do this for as long as I wanted tonight, never concerning myself with how long a lover might continue orally pleasuring me, or whether their jaws would tire out, or if they would gag from going too deep, or would eventually take my orgasm in their mouth. I could suck it for as long as it wanted and as long as my body would tolerate. If I gagged, and I most certainly knew that I would that night, then I would work through it unabated, and I knew without a doubt exactly where the inevitable happy ending would end up. The night was all about my sweet penis and it's pleasure.

I withdrew my cock with a loud, dripping slurp and stretched out briefly, then grabbed my buttocks and pulled them tighter and closer towards my face as I reentered, forcing another inch of warm shaft deeper into its submissive oral nest. I held the position firmly in place for nearly a full minute as I relaxed my lower back muscles and steadied my breathing through my nose. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensual communion of complete sexual connection with my body. Reluctantly I gradually came up for air with another noisy slurp of saliva, resulting in a stream of thick saliva spilling over the front of my mouth and pooling onto my chest. A wave of ragged and labored breathing consumed me as I caught my breath and my legs trembled sporadically with pleasure.

As my breathing slowed I opened wide and took my erection deep again, almost in slow motion this time. I began pumping, tugging and rocking back and forth, making loud smacking sounds within my mouth as I used my feet to guide my gyrations. I made short choppy thrusts towards my face as I mouth-fucked my eager lips. It felt so intense and nice, yet obscenely naughty and taboo at the same time as I shamelessly deep-throated and fellated my horny flesh. I had needed this so badly for days and struggled to maintain eye contact with my genitals as my eyes reddened and narrowed and closed at times as I mentally withdrew into my own private world of sex. I watched myself in the mirror I had mounted beneath the upper closet shelf above me. My glazed expression was passive, with a blank vacant 1000 yard stare in my eyes that I could clearly see between my thrusting knees. My erect, wet shaft rose and pumped repeatedly into my widened mouth as I submissively allowed my body to have its way with me and beads of sweat had begun to form all over my reddening face.

My body seemingly had a will of its own as I relinquished control to the invisible forces of sustained physical pleasure. I had become both sexually aggressive and passive recipient as my body fucked my mouth. I relaxed the tension in my face, allowing my body to fuck and abuse it at its own pace as I lay still and took it. The awareness of my environment around me began to fade as I drew into my own private thoughts and the steady background hum and glow of lights computers, and servers in my apartment gradually faded from

awareness. As muscle memory assumed control of my bodily actions my mind drifted, remembering how the nights' activity compared to lovers I had slept with in the past, and enjoying the waves of pleasure that were coursing through my core now. The only thing that existed in the world was my stiffened penis, drilling in and out of my mouth, holding my body hostage to a cycle of intense, rhythmical pleasure.

My eyes rolled back in my head from the exquisite response within my central nervous system that continually fired pleasure in my brain and body and I knew I sensed I had found the optimal comfort zone as I began losing large blocks of time and skipping in and out of the awareness. The evening sun sank and died quite abruptly, darkening my apartment in what seemed like moments as I turned to a mindless machine of self-gratification. Sucking my own cock felt so incredible and sensual with every thrust and I alternated between fucking and making slow, passionate love to my warm flesh. My mouth was desperate to pleasure and pamper my inflamed organ and I fed it generously, and took it hungrily, pursing my lips outward in an effort to envelope as much of my flesh as possible and moaning longingly from such great sex. Waves of pleasure rewarded me with every movement of my tongue as it darted and circled and caressed the warm intruder. I peeled back my foreskin with my tongue and began to caress the sensitive glans and corona beneath it. I made noisy, obscene, slurping sounds as I rocked and thrust rhythmically to facilitate sexual congress with my body.

"Oh God, this feels soooo incredibly good", I whispered to myself, wanting the experience to last forever. I found a particularly sensitive spot that sent shivers through my core every time I drew my tongue across the area, just below the coronal edge, on the top side of my glans and began working it over and over with the side of my tongue.

"Mmmmm, Yes!, Right there, that's the spot", I said to myself. "Right there, right fucking there, oh my God! that's so fucking good, right.....fucking........there......ughhh!"

A wave of involuntary shivering overcame my entire body, causing goosebumps to rise on my arms and thighs, but I willed myself to keep the stimulation going at the sweet spot. Only I was going to be able to find this extremely sensitive spot just beneath the corona and work it with the perfectly rhythm and suction. It was the ultimate instantaneous feedback that a lover could never learn. I moaned and whimpered shamelessly like a girl as I left and returned to the sweet spot and worked it over and over, until the threat of imminent climax forced me to back down. My legs and arms violently shook as sensory overload wracked my body.

My body really began to warm up and sweat from my activity after about 45 minutes. The more I continued to sweat and excrete my personal sex hormones from my pores, the more excited I got as I breathed it through my nose. I smelled sharp and pungent and so very familiar and comforting. I wanted to run my tongue around my scrotum and collect all the delicious sweaty discharge, but was frustrated at my lack of ability to reach that far. Instead I consumed my stiff rod even more hungrily as rills of saliva and precum dripped and drooled down my face and neck. I reached up to catch a slower stream of the thick goo as it dripped towards my mouth and wiped it all over my cheeks and upper lip, slurping the last of it from my fingers, then continued consuming dick with a satisfying grunt.

As I calmed my anxiousness and my nasal breathing settled back into a controlled rhythm, I set a comfortably controlled pace of steady cock-sucking that I could more easily maintain. Loud, wet slurping noises escaped my mouth as I sucked and pleasured my warm shaft and glans, the only audible sounds in my awareness as it pumped downwards into my head. The pleasure was so exquisite and intense at times that I struggled to maintain my rhythm and breathing rate, gasping at times as periodic rushes of pleasure coursed through my body. I paused briefly several more times as a rising climax threatened to push me past the point of no return. I knew I was eventually going to cum so fucking hard and my heart began beating wildly in anticipation, beckoning the orgasm to consume me.

Readjusting my feet against the wall behind me again I pulled my buttocks towards me tight and impaled my mouth until my lips reached the base of my shaft, taking the entirety of my erection all the way back into my throat. I felt the bloated glans pressing past my uvula and tonsils into the back of my warm throat and willed the muscles to relax and accommodate the intrusion, fighting the occasional stomach lurch that signaled the urge to gag. Pleasurable grunts escaped from me periodically as I plunged deep into my face repeatedly, pressing my nose and lips hard against my soft ball sack for maximum penetration, then revolving my head back as if I could possibly take more.

I was consumed with full bore cock-lust now. I loved my beautiful, delicious penis for the happiness it provided so much and wanted to prove my devotion and desire to making it happy in the most intimate and physical way possible. I felt so slutty and filthy for taking cock with such submissive enthusiasm, realizing why gay men enjoyed the act of pleasuring another hard penis as passionately as the did. I withdrew slightly and rolled my tongue in circles around the head at every opportunity as I caught brief breaths of air, then rotated my face to adjust the angle of entry, gulping down accumulated saliva and precum as I worked. I tugged and thrust furiously into my throat, desperate to engulf and please every possible millimeter of shaft I could manage. Tears formed and began to slide continuously down my face from the strain of holding my breath for long periods of time. Occasionally I begrudgingly came up for brief, noisy gulps of air, then plunged back into the abyss of oral delight, returning flesh to the warmth of flesh as soon as I was physically able, as if breathing were an inconvenient interruption.

As my back muscles fully extended to their maximum ability I hyperventilated rapidly for almost a full minute and then pulled my thighs hard towards my face again, reentering my face again, straining my neck forward now to reach the base of my eight inch shaft. Again I completely engulfed my flesh as it slid across my wet tongue, past my u yea and tonsils, and arched downwards to my slick trachea. The intensity of such a violent violation exploded in my brain, nearly causing me to panic, fogging my ability to think or reason as the thick penis completely blocked off my ability to breathe. My wet mouth completely engulfed me and the back of my throat narrowed and hugged my glans and upper shaft like a warm, tight vagina. It both frightened and delighted me at the same time, but I knew I always controlled my body if I started to get into trouble breathing. I held the position and my breathing for as long as possible, completely deepthroating my cock as my body screamed at me for relief. I exhaled slightly to allow a more comfortable accommodation, spewing thick, snotty saliva from the sides of my filled lips. Glancing up into the mirror I was amazed how dark red my face had become as my cock disappeared within my face. My neck muscles bulged and strained at the intrusion, causing every vein and artery to bulge obscenely, but I held the position, even as the tears rolled down my cheeks and thick saliva bubbles and pulsed from the corners of my mouth and ran down my chin.

Slowly I released flesh from throat and relaxed my aching body. A long stream of thick saliva-mixed discharge that had lined my trachea streamed lazily from the tip of my reddened glans, falling across my chest as my glistening cock left its oral nest. My lower back and neck muscles screamed in painful protest from the prolonged extension as they retracted but maintaining the waves pleasure coursing throughout my nervous system overrode their need and I inhaled deeply several times again to prepare for another deep dive. I coughed repeatedly, clearing my throat from the excess secretions and prepared myself for another breach.

I reached up and turned on the webcam switch as I returned to my curled position in the beanbag chair. My webcam was positioned on the wall beside me, angled perfectly for the occasional mutual masturbation sessions I regularly shared with various on-line edging friends, or capturing the debauchery of autofellatio. It had proved a valuable tool for tweaking my self-suck technique over the years. I readjusted my shoulders, then pulled my pelvis to my face again for another round, this time watching my slickened red penis in the angled monitor above my head as cock again disappeared into my gaping hole with a rude glug. Again I took hard dick all the way to the root as it slid into the back of my trachea. I lurched briefly, fighting an urge to gag, then squeezed the cam-capture, taking multiple closeup images of my self-gratification for future masturbatory fodder. My tight throat rebelled against the strain of another violation from my ample girth, but I willed it to relax and tolerate the abuse for as long as my lungs would allow.

I stared up vacantly at the monitor through streaming tears, now streaming down my face and into the corners of my mouth every time I blinked. My bloodshot eyes narrowed and glassed over in resignation, vacantly concentrated on the activity currently at hand. I desperately wanted the pleasurable surges to continue just a little longer before I was forced to relinquish my cock again and I wasn't disappointed. I moaned and mewed softly to myself in an almost feminine way and the vibrations from my vocal cords gave me unexpected hummer through my glans, heightening my pleasure even more.

Finally, after a full minute of breathless bliss my lungs began begging for air and I was forced to release my raw stiffened flesh. My face had turned bright red and was coated in sweat from the strain of such vigorous cocksucking. I looked like an exhausted junkie cock-whore, deepthroating a nameless client in an alley for a ten dollar crack fix, but my cock felt electric and incredible. Snot oozed from my nose and a long, thick rill of tracheal secretions hung suspended from my dark, enraged glans back to my lower lip, suspended in front of my face as I struggled to catch my breath. I reached inside my legs and began stroking my shaft again, making loud smacking noises with all the slick, excess saliva and secretions it has collected from the back of my throat during its previous exploration. Goo flew in every direction, but I ignored the mess and stroked the red pole steadily in slow, twisting motions, waiting for my breathing to slow. Angry red streaks ran down the sides of my shaft near the base, left by my teeth marks that had raked tightly, back and forth down its length as it continually punished my throat over the last several deep dives.

As I returned cock to throat I began pumping up and down rhythmically again, fucking my face with short, thrusting strokes. It caused me to gag more often, but I wasn't deterred and pushed past it. My shaft was so hard and swollen that I could feel the outline of the veins and arteries snaking down its length as they slipped back and forth across my supple lips. Waves of gooseflesh assaulted my skin again when a unique angle stimulated just the right spots and motivated me to thrust harder into my mouth. Another climax rose in my lower abdomen, threatening an orgasm and I paused briefly, applying hard suction to my glans as it slowly passed. I fell into a short ritual I often enjoy of sucking the bright reddened mushroom hard, then released it, over and over, watching it shake and quiver each time it left my mouth from blood returned to the spongy interior. It felt so fucking exquisite as I watched the color of the head darken again from blood returning after each hard suction.

Finally I felt a strong climax rising from deep in my abdomen and knew I was approaching the point of no return and that my resolve to resist it was weakening. I had such an awesome rhythm going too and my cloudy brain struggled to back off from the ledge. Part of me wanted to prolong my pleasure a little while longer. I still had some energy left and was fighting myself to press on chugging dick but my body continued thrusting steadily into my mouth. My jaws were getting sore from holding my mouth open wide for so long, but I was willing to ignore. My abdomen twitched as a ball of warm pleasure built deep inside of me. I was getting so close and I needed it so badly, but didn't want it to end yet. I screamed to myself to pause and back down, just for a few seconds so I could have just a little more, but the thrusting continued unabated. Part of me had secretly been fantasizing and yearning to gargle and swallow my thick cum for days, so for my sin I was finally allowed to do just that.

My climax peaked, reaching the point of no return and my body shook uncontrollably as my cock struggled for the one final thrust into my mouth that never came. My eyes rolled back in my head from stimulus overload just as a rapid pulse of endorphins exploded in my brain, overwhelming me in rapturous joy that coursed through my being like a tidal wave. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I screamed a long, quiet, muffled scream, subdued only by the presence of a mouthful of erect penis.

With three inches of hard penis still anchored in my mouth I convulsed a torrent of hot sperm and seminal fluids into the back of my throat. I moaned and shivered uncontrollably as I struggled to ride the massive orgasm accompanying the potent ejaculation, gripping the underside of my thighs and shivering as my body endured the hard sexual climax. My urethra pulsed and primed waves hot cum from my balls and into my mouth and through the warm darkness towards its final destination in my stomach. Spurts of thick, warm semen bathed my tonsils and I had to close my throat off to keep from choking as the wave consumed me.

I swallowed the first thick, chlorinated pool of warm cum as it filled the back of my mouth with a loud gulp, then waited for the rest as the first slightly bitter ejaculate moved into my stomach. I reaching down to give my shaft two quick pumps from the base as my mental fog lifted briefly. The orgasm stretched out and continued almost 30-40 seconds as wave after wave of thick cum pumped over and over into my mouth in seven, eight, and finally nine warm pulses. I swallowed back a second mouthful with a little more difficulty. It was bitter and sharp, but had a sweet, chlorinated flavor to it this time with an aroma like fresh mowed grass.

The final contractions expelled the last micro-bursts of sperm onto my tongue, emptying the contents of my balls into my waiting mouth through my spent urethra. The slick ejaculate spilled over the sides of my tongue and coated the crevices beneath its underside, treating my tastebuds to the full range of its flavor. I held the final round of residual cum in my mouth, swishing it around and allowing it to throughly bathe my tongue and coat my tastebuds with its sweet, salty flavor.

"It's cum", I thought to myself, "and it's my cum."

"I made my body produce this slimy white goo in my mouth from the insides of my balls and I'm going to swallow it now like a trophy and recycle it", I told myself naughtily. "It's not even going to see the outside of my body at all." As another wave of muscle trembling took me I swallowed half the remaining mouth full of cum and pushed the remains onto my lips and chin, rubbing the pungent discharge across my nose and face, in a gesture owning my kinky ritual. I smacked my mouth and lips in celebratory victory, as I embraced the unique fetish of taking my own hot male ejaculate. I had eaten a lot of fruit while I had been home, and it made my cum sweeter than usual and I suddenly wanted to bathe in a tub of the stuff at that moment, just before my refractory period had really kicked in.

Finally I allowed my screaming body to relax and stretched out for the first time in over an hour, enjoying the afterglow. My session had been so violent and intense this time, so much so that I had surprised myself at how mindlessly hedonistic and single-minded I had become over the last hour. My orgasm had proved excruciatingly powerful and I was trembling beyond the point of exhaustion. I was drenched in sweat and it continued to soak my hot, fatigued body 15-20 minutes after my climax. A slimy mixture of saliva-mixed ejaculate coated my face and my body reeked of fresh sperm and sweaty male sex. Bubbly drops of cum dripped from the corner of my mouth and out of my nose somehow, then ran down my chin as my breathing slowed.

I reached up and hit the closet light switch and grabbed a blanket, lying just outside of the door. Darkness took me quickly before I could even clean myself up and I fell asleep on the spot just as my feet found a warm spot beneath the blanket. My last memory of the day was cupping my warm slick penis to gauge its soreness, and dreaming of the next round tomorrow.

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