Perfect solo pleasure experience

Tell us your self-suck and self-fuck stories, real or imagined - we want all the nasty details!

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Perfect solo pleasure experience

Post by ssandsfwithgf »

Hi all. I was wondering, what's your favorite thing to do to pleasure yourself. Say you have a day to yourself at home and you want the maximum experience you could have, how would your day go? Would you selfsuck, give yourself a facial, just eat cum, or jerk off to certain videos or pictures or stories? I could picture multiple scenarios that would be great for myself, but I want to know how your perfect day would go. I'll share mine in this forum too.

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Re: Perfect solo pleasure experience

Post by selfsuxxer »

Doing some stretching in the morning to get limber, then start licking on it. Going deeper and suck myself through all different positions I can :D Probably switch every 5-10 min position, but avoid to cum. Doing some quick smoking breaks, then continue with another position. Certainly I would use a cock ring around my cock and balls to get my dick a bit harder. After a few hours I would get into a comfortable position which I can fully relax but keep my dick in my mouth. Then try if I can fall asleep with it in. I would be curious to know if I would continue sucking while sleeping :twisted: Or even cum in my mouth while sleeping. Then wake up, hopefully still with the dick in my mouth and start all over again. And alway try not to cum. If the sleeping did work well, I might repeat the whole thing, wake up, suck it the whole day and somewhere in the evening / late night I would make myself cum. Then see if I can get another round.

The statement "If I could suck myself, I would never leave the house" would fully apply to me :D

Let's see what other say :mrgreen:
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