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Please note: this is not a list of my favorite or "the best" websites, it's a list of the ones that I have stumbled upon and gotten around to adding to this page. I've tried to avoid including sites that use a few self-suck pictures as a come-on to get you into a pay-site. As with all things in life, there is a large element of chance operating. It's hard to keep up with all of the sites; if you discover that one has disappeared or moved,please email me:
Thanks! Al


NEW: New Blogs!
A good collection of pics and videos including a lot of stuff I'd never seen before:
A group for hairy, bearded or older men who can suck their own cock:
"Selfsucking really turns me on. So I'm also able to suck myself":
A more general blog with solo cum-eating along with solosucking:

NEW: a sweet, poetic site with very short stories from men who selfsuck and/or eat their own cum.

NEW: has some interesting self-suck content, including hard-core pictures and videos (I just set up an account for myself and will upload some of my stuff) and other things like this photo of a solosuck china set from the Barbican Art Gallery gift shop in London. Those zany Brits! pictures of a couple of selfers some blog posts about self-sucking includes some how-to advice and a few pictures.

Keep an eye on what self-suck sites are being tagged on

Join dedicated chronicler of all things autofellatio BlackSunshineAZ's Yahoogroup arizonaautofellatio and you'll find messages with huge collections of links, mostly to forum posts. Look here and here for recent messages with links and search the group for older messages (I used the search phrase "More Links").

Right here at - it's Selfsucklopedia! the world's most complete listing of self-suck and self-fuck videos. Watch videos, buy videos, and let me know if we're missing any so I can add them to the list. 10 galleries of selfsuck pictures - free. 3 pages of pictures - free. Brazilian Yahoo-like group - I don't speak Portuguese so I can't tell you much about it. Doesn't seem to be active as of 6/09. Sweet, sexy, French guy with a big dick and a lot of foreskin - he doesn't get a whole lot of it in his mouth, but he's so damn hot it doesn't matter. The "Dumbo" video clip is hilarious. Free site. Straight (?) guy who loves to show off his big dick on this free site. Includes a self-suck gallery. Wikipedia article about self-suck. old article from Hustler Magazine Selfellatio's site of artistic self-portraits and more.

Ryan: Attractive man; big dick; some self-sucking, says it's free but requires SEX KEY AVS.

Bentley Race - Australian escort & self-sucker, sexy, sweet escort who posts on Yahoogroups; he can lick the head. Requires Mancheck AVS.

Self-Suck Stories very short description of 1 guy's selfing ability.

The forums have a "solosex stories" section. This page has a story, and then a long list of self-suck stories from another Website (thanks Blacksunshine!).

Those Autofellatio Blues Boy gets caught by mom while sucking himself...

Buy Self-Suck VIDEOS:

If you're looking to buy self-suck videos you need to check out the SELFSUCKLOPEDIA section of - we're working on the world's most complete listing of self-suck and self-fuck videos, and the ones that are available for sale are just a click away. Many of the videos area also available for immediate viewing on various video-on-demand services - just click the links!

you can also watch hot self-suck videos right now on your computer with AEBN video-on-demand. Just click here to watch my videos, or click here to watch videos of other selfers.

Self-Suck How-to sites:

Check out my How-To section for my advice and the great AFTutor photo-illustrated how-to, and visit my Forums for advice from other selfers.

NEW: basic advice.

NEW: AutoFellatio: A Rough Guide basic advice.

Self Indulgence another good how-to with personal advice and Yoga links

How to Selfsuck! very basic 1 page how-to. A how-to article - probably mostly a come-on for the sex-toy shop that all of the links in the article link to.


If you know of other groups, please EMAIL:

Yahoo Groups:

These groups are OK as of 6/09. Some of them are no longer active but still have good files and pictures to check out:



autofellatio no new posts since 2003

Autofellatio2 no new posts since 2002




NEW: rickymartinez


selfserviceguys no new posts since 2007

selfsuckers-club no new posts since 2006

Selfsuckingboys no new posts since 2006


Don't bother, mostly spam:

autofellatio_nuovo Italian group

















Non-Yahoo Groups:

Know of any? Please let me know about them and I'll list them.

Self-fuck Yahoogroups

Sorry; there aren't any that I know of. Visit my self-fuck forum instead

Self-lick (women/autocunnilingus) Yahoogroups

autocunnilingus group was deleted - it's back now with a new name.



Advertisers Anonymous

Queer Arts Resource Home Page


EROSpirit Research Institute


Contortion Homepage Amazing photos! (non-sexual) Go to the Photo Library and take a look at Walter Sangree's pictures.

LimbermenNice non-sexual men's flexibility site.

Explore the outer limits of BODY PLAY

You'll also find some Yahoogroups if you go there and search for "flexibility" and "Contortion"


I recommend Iyengar style yoga because of the emphasis on holding poses and exploring the subtleties of the body.

Iyengar Yoga The official international Iyengar Site. The official U.S. Site.






I wish my parents hadn't mutilated my penis when I was a baby but they didn't have the information they needed to make an informed choice. That information is widely available now and more and more U.S. baby boys are escaping genital mutilation and entering adulthood with intact penises. and are both good sources for information on the issues involved.


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