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Metal Sounds and plugs

Got a favorite dildo or masturbator? Love to work your cock with a pump, a set of sounds or electrical stimulator? As men we love our tools and our toys - share your pictures, videos and stories about the sextoys - home-made or store-bought - that help you to get off.

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Metal Sounds and plugs

Postby misterspock123456 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:49 pm

Have any of you tried metal sounds and plugs?
There is a pic with some scale as its very hard to judge close up.
Here are a few pics of me with my thickest which is 11mm. This has taken about a year of off and on trying to be able to take its full size. I started just being able to get a 8mm in which is in the later pictures. The longest one I have now is 15cm and 10mm max width. You can see me inserting it in the pics. I have a generous foreskin so can use it to hold the sounds in place. The long one is too big to walk around, with but the plugs I have and the thick sound which is varied in width stays in fine. Makes me a very horny doing the shopping!
Held in place by my foreskin
15cm sound all the way in
Most of it in
My 15cm by 10mm sound
11mm half in
Some of my sounds and plugs with scale.
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