My best selfsucking experience

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My best selfsucking experience

Post by PT1962 » Sun Mar 10, 2019 8:56 pm

I have selfsucked since the time I could get an erection, and even when I was young, I had learned to lick my head until I came, but it wasn't until my twenties that I learned how to do more than throw my legs over my head and try to pull my hips down to my mouth. In my twenties, I began learning new positions that let me get an inch or more past my head and give myself blowjobs. I was very athletic and because I sucked my own dick almost every day I was very flexible. Sometimes I could really have sex with myself where I would get so much of my dick in my mouth that I could use my hands and arms to pull my legs in but was just thrusting dick handsfree into my mouth.

While I was a regular at this and have several stories about times when sucking my own dick took me to levels that felt transcendent, the best story happened one November when I was about 25. I was home visiting my parents, and the spare bedroom was a loft space on the far end of the house from anyone else's room. A private space meant for guests. The bed was a queen sized bed in a bedframe made from metal post around three inches across, only each other had a central post and two more post in a triangular pattern around it. So I learned I could wedge my head against one post and the other two were far enough apart that I could pull my legs over my head and use my ankles to pull my crotch to my face. When I would do an x-position this way, I could get a lot of dick in my mouth.

Most nights I sucked my own dick this way was in fits and starts and I struggled to breath so I could only suck for a few seconds at a time. I'd work up to cumming and almost cum before Id have to stop to catch my breath, and getting in and out of the position took time. Id have to use my hands to pull my dick into my mouth, and it would get soft while I got in and out of position so I'd have to get hard again. Eventually my scrotum would tighten against my groin and I'd know that I was ready. Then Id get in position and get my dick in my mouth and fuck into my face until I blew my cum all over my tongue and throat. But the strain on my back and the difficulty breathing made sucking my dick this way always just a little shy of perfect.

This one night, though, I felt very flexible but not as horny. I wanted to suck my dick because I love to suck my dick and think of sucking my dick as the highest form of sexual expression for me. But some nights are not as special as others. I started licking my head by bending over on the bed and jerking off. I watched some porn. I took off all my clothes and got a mirror to watch my lips touch my head. Finally, I thought about how much I wanted my dick in my mouth. Pure and hard and wet.

I got off the bed and put a throw pillow against one of the metal post. I started my process of working into the x position, but this time felt different. Maybe the angle of the pillow or how high I was reaching on the posts with my legs or something made it different. I was semi-hard from the effort but was around 6 inches long. With very little effort, I could slide my head into my lips and pull my hands away and use the leverage of my legs to thrust. But this time my breathing wasn't labored and my back didn't hurt. I felt like I was folded in half, and while I couldn't get my whole dick in my mouth, even semi-erect, I easily had half of it in. But because it wasn't full on hard, I wasn't having to force it against the top of my mouth or angle my neck to get more in. It was like I took my dick into my lips, which wrapped around my shaft and I could tongue and lick my head and the half of my shaft in my mouth. I felt all the pleasure of sucking my own dick but it was also tender and personal and I started feeling way more than just horny.

I didn't want this feeling to end, but my stomach started feeling funny so I stopped and uncurled for a few moments. I thought about getting the mirror off the bed or trying to set up my computer to film myself but I didn't want to lose whatever it was that had let me get that perfect position.

I curled back up into an x and started caressing my dick as well and gently thrusting by pulling my crotch to my face. The best way I can describe what I felt was like I had the closed bud of a flower in my mouth and it was going to bloom into me like light (I know, weird, but it was an amazing experience), but again my stomach started feeling weird so I stopped again.

Some people probably think sucking your own dick is weird. Some think its just disgusting. I still am very embarrassed about how much sucking my own dick means to me. Most of the time I'm just horny and want to eat my dick, but this one night is one of the first times that all that shame and disgust didn't matter.

I couldn't wait long before I started to curl back into the position. I wanted so desperately to feel my dick like that again and never wanted it to stop. I didn't care about anything. I put my semi-erect dick in my mouth and pulled my legs hard to take it into me. My back relaxed and my breathing was fine--I breathed out onto my balls and breathed in the smell of my dick. This time when my stomach felt funny, I didn't stop. I get sucking and caressing and suddenly, I felt harder and fuller and like I was blooming. I have no words to describe what it felt like as my dick pumped a huge, warm, sweet load into my mouth. I came and filled my mouth and my cum and my dick. I started thrusting as the pumping subsided and I could feel my dick fucking my cum-filled mouth.

When I was finished, I stayed in the position, not wanting it to end. Even as I lost my erection, I wanted my dick to stay in my mouth. I swallowed my load while my dick was still in my mouth and tongued my dick to get any cum off it it and from the head that might still be leaking out.

I lay on the ground by the bed for a while to give my muscles a chance to relax. I still suck my dick very often and have had other intense and frankly spiritual experiences in addition to the sheer pleasure of sex from selfsucking. But this one night changed my perspective and has helped me accept this desire in my life.

I know guys suck their own dicks for different reasons. This experience helped me understand it for myself.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by Ziggurat » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:59 am

Well told.. Thanx 4 sharing this with us!
Do it with pride or don't bother doing it!

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by selfer123 » Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:29 am

Very nice. I've had a few experiences like that.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by PT1962 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:27 am

Ive got more stories I'll try to post here when I get the chance. In my 20s I was addicted to sucking my own dick and have lots of stories about places I went to do it, usually public places, and intense sessions at my house. In my early 30s, I started to lose some of my flexibility and got out of practice so now I cant do it as easily. I can still suck myself off though. Just fewer stories as intense of this one.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by PT1962 » Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:45 am

I was posting on another thread earlier and thought I'd add one of my other stories here as promised. This one is about the first time I sucked my own dick outdoors.

I really do think of sucking my own dick as something that is beautiful and basically sacred. Im all for guys who just do it cause they are horny or think of it as masturbation, but for me its another level of experience that is both amazing but also meaningful. So Ive experimented with a lot of different ways to suck my dick and Ive got many stories about memorable times ive done it.

Probably 8 years ago or so I finally got up the courage to find a place to suck my dick outdoors. I lived in a small town and about 20 minutes away was a parking and camping area near a dammed up river. I'd had lunch with friends and then just hanging out in town but I was seriously thinking about my dick. The weather was nice, warm but not hot and sunny. Id driven out to the parking area and sucked my dick in my car but I had been thinking about doing something more daring. Getting out of my car and sucking my dick out in the open. That afternoon I drove out by the dam. The campground area was nice because it was remote and quiet and even though people camped there, there was only one driveway in and out and you could hear cars before theyd see you.

When I got out there I found a picnic table off on the edge of the campground and parking area. I was going to go off in the woods but then I thought that leaning up against a picnic table would give me something to use for leverage. About a hundred yards away, there was a camper and smoke coming up from a fire so I figured there were people around, but my dick had been hard for hours and I was totally in the mindset to suck it.

While this was the first time ive sucked my dick in a public place, Ive done it a few times since then and what gets me is how raw and uncontrollable the urge is. When I start, Im scared to get naked and I lick around the head in fits and starts cause I'm listening for cars and worried about getting caught. But when I finally get into it, nothing else matters.

This first time, I leaned up against the legs of the picnic table sort of on the side of it so I could use the overhanging top to leverage my legs if I needed it. I leaned back against the table and pulled my legs up and leaned my head down. At the time I was very practiced and could easily get an inch or more past my dick head just leaning into it and using my arms against my legs to help pull myself together. I was scared to pull my jeans and underwear all the way down so that I could still make a quick get away by pulling my pants back on if I heard a car coming, so while I easily made contact, my jeans prevented me from sucking the way I wanted to.

After licking and sucking the head a bit I was getting super horny and I decided I needed to scoot out of my jeans more. I pulled my jeans down to my knees but then I realized they really kept me from spreading my legs and pulling my arms down between them. I licked my head a bit but felt like I was being held back.

This whole time I was scared of being caught so I never licked for more than 30 seconds or so and while I was in heaven because my dick was going in my mouth I also knew I wasnt getting as much as I wanted.

I'm white and dont tan much. My skin is very pale and my hair blonde. The sight of my dick in the sunlight was different. I was used to seeing it in my bedroom or bathroom but seeing it in natural light hard and red against my pale skin was getting me very excited. My dick was also getting wet with saliva but I wasnt sucking long enough to really make myself cum.

Finally, I decided I needed to pull my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I looked around and didn't see anyone. So I slid my jeans down and realized I was nearly naked and exposed. I was actually thinking about how my dick was exposed to the whole world and the clear sky and I was about to have it in my mouth out in the open. I leaned down and licked my head, only this time, I started to feel different.

When I start playing around with sucking my dick, its all about the pleasure and being horny. Its great and I love it but its kinky and strange and thats what gets me excited. But when I really get into it everything changes. I'm desperate. I feel special and small and like my dick is enormous and I'm making a miracle happen. When I cross that threshold, nothing can stop what I must do.

I licked around a bit and could tell that if I went for it, I'd cross that threshold and nothing would stop me, not even being caught. I pulled my dick into my mouth and started sucking it and caressing it. In a minute or so I built up that incredible desperation and could tell I was going to cum. Suddenly I was moaning loudly with my dick in my mouth and didn't care what happened as long as I came in my mouth and swallowed all of it. And then it started and I nearly cried it was so beautiful. I took an enormous load in my mouth and pulled out while some cum ran down my dick.

I realized while I sat there with the aftertaste of my cum in my mouth and my dick exposed to the universe that if someone had caught me after Id past the threshold, because of the position I was sucking in I'd have only known I was caught by looking up over my hard dick and over my tight scrotum to see them watching me.

I think this is when I realized that I want people to see me this way. I dont think I could just walk up to a random person and tell them I need them to see me suck my own dick. I dont want to get caught by a random stranger. But I want to enter that moment when I am desperate for my cum and nothing can stop me. I want to look up over my scrotum and see someone watching me and know I cant stop no matter what they think.

Im working on some new pictures and videos but Im still learning some technology and figuring out how to make a video that can capture this and then have the courage to share it. I dont know how to find someone to share it with who will understand it. But I like telling these stories here in hopes someone on this message board has had similar experiences.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by SFsucker » Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:23 pm

Hot stories, PT. Please do share more, since they're inspirational! Thanks!!

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by PT1962 » Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:06 am

Thanks! I always appreciate the feedback or PMs.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by Suckmyself » Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:49 am

oh for sure i know exactly how you feel, as someone who also has been sucking myself off for years now...
as time goes by, i too become less afraid of what people think of me, and indeed feel excited being here talking so openly about what i have come to love so damn much... in fact, every time i get into position, looking at my beautiful cock pushing into my mouth, i am in awe that i can actually do this so easily, without pain or discomfort.
When i first started, it was an insatiable fire that saw me spend up to 20 minutes to get my dick head to touch my lips, and another 20 minutes to get my lips all around the head of my cock, thru the enormous pain that eventually became unbearable. Today, i have almost no pain at all, and it is indeed like you say, a incredible loving experience...that i call, making love to myself.
Try putting some soft romantic easy listening music on before starting a session, and really see how relaxed your muscles become, when you truly get into making love with yourself, slowly, gentle, loving.... amazing!!!!!
I always try working out for an hour and waiting two hours without eating before each session, and sometimes i get so into it that i will spend 6 hours of making love with myself, for 30 minute sessions without eating in between them.
It is nice to hear someone who loves it as much as i do, and indeed i too fantasy about someone watching me while doing it... i tried filming myself today but my camera got out of position halfway thru the session, but i will try again.
Doing it out doors, wow, never thought of that, for sure a primal feeling, and for sure the sunlight of seeing your own cock in your mouth would be beautiful to experience.
Almost deep throat myself today... so much precum after 30 minutes of a mostly pain free session. I drink milk to dilute the acids in my stomach before and during a session... it helps. Maybe try some anti-acids liquid sometime to see if that remedies the upset stomach.
My first session over.... going back for another hour of it or more. Yes, i love it so much too! And honestly still cannot believe i can do it so easily now and so damn often too, at least twice a day....EVERY day!!! God i love it so much after all these years! I guess anyone would once they get to our level of ability yes? Took me years to get to this flexibility. I think maybe my body has altered physically over the years for me to be this well adjusted, without pain or discomfort most of the time, which is why i so easily just do it like i do every day. I think maybe the intimacy is beyond any relationship one could ever have. Seriously, who better to suck yourself off in knowing what feels good and what does not? ARghh... so horny now just talking about it, hard again, yeah!!!! ;)
I will submit videos again eventually... till then, keep enjoy the amazing taste of your precum and the delicious cum shooting into your mouth as much as i do, whenever you feel like doing it. Its heaven for me.

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Re: My best selfsucking experience

Post by PT1962 » Mon May 06, 2019 12:05 am

I had a fantastic experience this weekend sucking my dick and wanted to share it. I was traveling and had a nice hotel room on the fourth floor of the hotel. The hotel was right by a river and a bridge was about the same height as my window, maybe 100 meters away. Also, a local convention center and a few other hotels were in view. I checked in late afternoon and the sun was high and shining directly in my window.

I had been feeling really relaxed all day and was getting horny so as soon as I got in my room I took off all my clothes and started playing around. The room had a nice love seat with a long seat and solid back, and I quickly realized it would make a great seat to suck my dick. But I also realized I was high enough up that I could open the curtains and so I opened the curtains and then went and sat on the couch and leveraged myself into position and started licking my cock. It was awesome because I could see cars driving by. I doubt anyone saw me and the glare through the window probably made it impossible to see into the room, but I was happy to be sucking my own dick at least sort of in public.

But then I get the best idea. The room had a king sized bed on one side and the side towards the window just had the love seat and was otherwise empty. So I got up and tried to push the love seat and realized it was pretty light. So I pushed it over to the window and right up against the wall. I climbed back on it and sat there letting the sun hit my fully erect dick a little wet from my own spit. I jerked a bit and watched cars go by and looked down at people passing by on the street.

Then I went for it. I felt really agile and bent forward while simultaneously pulling my legs up over my head. I was on my back and using the seat back to lean against. I could take my dick into my mouth and look out over my scrotum at cars driving by. And I was so lose that I could get the whole head in my mouth without much effort. I started sucking and jerking but as I loosened up, I could get past the head!

I pulled my hand away and just started sucking, taking my hard dick a couple of inches into my mouth and moaning with pleasure. I mostly just stared down my shaft and watched my balls tighten against my groin, but I also kept looking up over my balls and out at the world passing by. My whole naked body was there in the sunlight and my dick was getting wet and slippery as I bobbed my head towards my balls and felt my glans pass my lips.

It was amazing. It felt like it last for hours but also felt like it could never last long enough. I was moaning in rhythm as I pushed my dick into my mouth with my hips and arms for leverage and pushed my head forward to take more of my dick. I only got maybe an inch past my head but it was enough. I felt sweat on my forehead and chest and my pre-cum added a sweet taste to the salty raw flavor of my dick. And then I was there. My balls tighten hard against my groin and my dick started flexing a huge load into my mouth. I shot cum all over my tongue and into my throat and swallowed while more kept shooting into my mouth. The whole time I was looking out over my scrotum at the cars driving by and small people off in the distance walking by the river.

There is no way anyone could see in to see what I was doing, and even if the cars driving by were on my level, it is unlikely anyone noticed me. But knowing that there were people out there and I was exposed and sucking my own dick was unreal. I just wish I could have lasted longer and taken more of my dick for the world to see. I love to suck my own dick!!

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