Orgasm without Ejaculation

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Orgasm without Ejaculation

Post by alta40 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 1:49 pm

Hey Al,
If you want to orgasm without ejacuating, check out
you will find all the info you need there. I have a aneros helix, and have had
30 plus orgasms in 2 hours, and no I have nothing to do with aneros, I am just a VERY happy customer.

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Post by aleingang69 » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:09 pm

OK - thanks partly to me, we're so far off the topic that the above message was posted to that I"ve split it off into it's own topic.
I'm interested to hear more about the Aneros - it's really pricey; is it worth it?
I'm certainly no stranger to my prostate (hey there, little guy - how ya doing in there?) but I've never really loved direct stimulation all that much - I don't know of any other way to describe how it feels to me than to say that the feeling's got a kind of metallic quality to it. I don't imagine that means much to anyone but me, but when I think about it that's what comes to mind.
That said, I do know know that when I have my hand up my ass it's partly prostate stimulation that makes it so intense, and it's not unusual for me to ejaculate involuntarily.
If anyone wants to try the Aneros out here are links to two different versions.
If you buy it from these links I'll make a little money off of each sale; if enough of you buy them I might be able to afford to get one for myself! ... =st&src=gl ... =st&src=gl

Anybody else have experience with these? Lets hear some stories and see some pictures or video!

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Great the first time

Post by Elrond » Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:44 am

OK, so this was really my first-ever adventure into prostate stimulation. I was amazed when the muscle contractions pushed the whatchamacallit right into the high-score zone. I had one of those orgasms that was full of mysterious interior sensations--kinda like sneezing and burping at the same time. The sensations were so new I couldn't positively identify them as pleasurable.

And then I tried it again the next night. If felt good and a lot of cum came out. But it wasn't 10% of the previous experience. It was like I popped my cherry and that was it; only one first time; a sensation to never be duplicated. And it sits in a box until I get back into cave exploration.

In sex with other guys, anal penetration has never excited me and usually turns me off at the mention of the topic. So it took a long time to come around to this. But then it passed as quickly as it came.

To see the size of stuff that goes into Al's butt in the movies, I'd say there's no place that Aneros can reach that hasn't already been tapped. But for me, it was all brand new, just learning to work with the rectal muscles and stuff.

I think the Aneros was about $55 when I bought it at the local Good Vibrations in SF. Seventy-five is too much to pay online. This site has some better deals ( ... s&s=aneros ) It comes in 2 or 3 styles too.

And by the way, previous to the Aneros experience, any time I've tried anal stimulation I ended up with an ejaculation with no orgasm sensation. Just a muscular contraction and no buzz--essentially the opposite of what Alta40 was recommending.

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Re: Orgasm without Ejaculation

Post by awired50 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:55 am

I have experienced this with Aneros and other massagers. Hours of pleasure ! Sometimes produces more of an overflow type ejaculation. Could be super erect or completely flaccid. Very enjoyable.

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