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I crave cum

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I crave cum

Postby cumdrinker1 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:28 am

I am in my 40s now and have tried since I was in my teens to suck my own cock after reading about it in the Forum section of Penthouse. Even when I was in very good shape, I was never able to do so. I was able to bring the head of my cock about 4 inches from my mouth by flipping my legs over my head.

I literally have wet dreams at night of sucking my own cock, but never have been able to do so. I did, however, jack off in the head over heels position and cum all over my face and into my mouth. This was very strenuous and I would seldom swallow after cumming. I would get horny as hell and want to swallow a load, but after orgasming I would lose the desire.

As the years went by, I learned about pre-cum and have eagerly lapped up my pre-cum several times per week when I jack off. I squeeze a bit out of my cockhead, get it between by thumb and forefinger, bring the hot seed to my mouth and suck HARD. I LOVE the taste. It wasn't an acquired taste for me. I LOVED it from the start and I absolutely CRAVE cum.

About two years ago, this prompted me to try something new, which I now do on a regular basis. I refrain from masturbating for as long as 10 days at a time to build up a huge reservoir of cum and I eat healthy and take vitamins and aminoacid supplements, plus drink plenty of fluids. Then, when I know I will be alone for a day or two (I am married and YES, my wife does swallow on rare occasions, but that's another story.), I jack off into a medicine cup from a bottle of Nyquil. I use the measurement marks on the side of the cup to see how much cum my refraining and nutrition habits produced over the several days. After orgasming, I am not in the mood to swallow, so I put the cup into the refrigerator for safekeeping, but after relaxing in the nude and watching porn over the internet, I soon am horny again. Sometimes I will go swallow the load immediately; other times I will repeat cumming into the medicine cup repeatedly for an entire weekend and then swallow as many as a half dozen loads of cum from the cup. Of course, each successive load is smaller, but I still LOVE the taste of the cum. I mean I REALLY love it. I bring the cup to my mouth and take my CUM into my mouth and swish it around in there and savor it. I absolutely LOVE this and this is why I CRAVE cum.

I wish I could swallow a full load every day, twice a day. I am not gay and don't have gay fantasies, but I have gone out and bought dildos and sucked on them and stuffed them up my ass before swallowing my load. I wish I could suck my own cock, but it will never happen. I couldn't do it when I had a 29 inch waste and weighed 135 lbs; now that I have a 33 inch waste and weigh 160, I have given up. But I still crave cum all the time and will continue to drink myself as long as I am able. I only wish I knew a way to produce more and more semen to be able to guzzle more.
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Re: I crave cum

Postby Watt200 » Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:24 pm

I hear you. I liked your story.
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