List of self-suck videos? Selfsucklopedia!

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List of self-suck videos? Selfsucklopedia!

Post by aleingang69 » Mon Mar 27, 2006 2:31 pm

OK - it's a couple of months since I wrote the note below asking for lists of videos and, thanks to everyone who wrote in, and especially to Babarseraglio who sent me a huge list, the Selfsucklopedia is now online! It isn't finished, but I got it to a point where it seemed like a good idea to put it up:

take a look and let me know what you think - all suggestions are appreciated!

Hey my friends,
I'd like to put together as complete as possible a list of all the self-suck films/videos and post it on the site. I don't think there's another topic like this in the forums, but if there is somebody please remind me!
I see two lists - one of all-selfing videos and another of videos that have some selfing in them but it's not the main thing.
If anyone knows of a list like this somewhere else that would be great - I did some searching and didn't find one, but there may be one out there somewhere.
At the top of the list we have, of course ':wink:'
OUT-TAKES #1, (1993)
ONE MAN SHOW, (2000)

extra info is great too: stars, dates, studios, etc.
Anybody want to help me out on this?
AL :wink: :wink:[/url]
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Post by BlackSunshineAZ » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:19 pm

Here's what I have in my collection. I was going to review these on in my yahoo group a while ago but never really got around to it. Sorry I can't provide years, actors, etc. since I don't have the boxes for most of these since they were VHS.

Head Over Heels (All Worlds Video)
Head Over Heels 2 (All Worlds Video)
Because They Can (Vivid Video) - compilation of several other videos
Dreamsicle (Regiment)
Position Impossible (O Men Video)
Autofellatio Biographies (Erotic Men)
Never Lonely on Saturday Night (Admit One)
Autofellatio (Jet Set)
Autofellatio 2 (Pacific Sun)
Autofellatio 3 (Jet Set)
Autofellatio 1 & 3 Double Feature (Jet Set)
Mouth Organ (Vivid Video)
Bobby's Self Suck (Frat Video)
The Blow Your Own Horn Competition (Vivid Man)
Up 'N Cummings (Blowboy Productions)
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood (Rude Box Media)
HornyBoy Autofellatio Pack Vol. 1 (Rude Box Media)

(I think you may be in one of these videos Al, which one?)

I do not recommend the following videos:

He Loves His Cock (Leisure Time Entertainment) - Selfsuck is done with prosthetic penises and I do not believe it depicts any real autofellatio scenes. Too bad because it's one of the few videos that has male/female scenes.

I Can Suck My Own Dick (Nymph Pictures) - despite the cover photos, this video does not depict any selfsuck scenes. Stay away unless you like really bad foreign gay porn.

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Autofellatio Vids

Post by Eddie » Mon Mar 27, 2006 10:19 pm

Here's my list:


'VARIATIONS ON A THEME' (black & white) (1970's ?)

'SOMETHING WILD' starring Rob Montessa, date unknown (probably 8mm)

'SOLO MAN' Starring Brad Shaft 1978

'TURNED ON' #2 Starring Scott Taylor (af & sf) 1980's

'SODOM & GOMORRAH' starring Ken Turner, (1980's ?)

'ROCK HARD' Starring Ron Jeremy, PP Pleasure Productions, early 1980's

'FULL LOAD' starring David Diamani, (8mm or Video?), (1980's?)

'CASTING COUCH' starring Kip Knoll & (?), (8mm or Video?) (1980's?)


'INTERVIEW #2', (early 1980's?), by Adam & Co, N. Hollywood, Ca

'JOHNNY HARDEN & (HIS) FRIENDS' by ?, 1980's

'BLACK WORKOUT II' starring Stan T. Mann, late 1980's

'THE YOUNG & THE HUNG' starring Grant Fagan, (late 1980's)

'HUMUNGOUS I & II' starring Taurus, by Wyngate Video, NY, NY, 1987

'HEAD OVER HEELS, The Complete Guide to Autofellatio', staring Cody Feelgood, Scott O'Hara, & Marc Colt, by Seabag Productions, 1988

'MASTER HYDE' starring Al Eingang, by Live Video Inc, Christopher Rage, NY, NY 1988

'SOLITAIRE' starring Paul Youngblood, Paul Alexander (Al Eingang) & Marc Colt, by Le Salon, Inc, SF, Ca, 1988

'SELF SERVICE (Hot Shots, Vol. 26)' starring Scott O'Hara, Dixon Hardee (+ one other. John Holmes is in this, but doesn't self suck), His Video, VCA Labs, Inc., 1989

'BLOW YOUR OWN HORN' directed by ChiChi Larou, starring Mike Brandon, Lon Flexxe, T. J. Jack Lofton & Bob Davidson, by Vivid Videos, LA, Ca, 1990

'CRAZY HORNY NUTS' starring Al Eingang, by Michael Goodwin, SF, Ca (early 1990's)

'UP & OVER' starring Michael Carpenter, Craig Slater, Chris Stone, Hans Muller & Jose Armondo, by Vivid Video, Van Nuys, Ca, 1991

'BIZARRE' by Live Video, early 1990's

'DANGEROUS' starring Frank Sterlling, by Surge Studios, early 1990's

'LIVE BEAR II' starring John Bradway, by Brush Creek Media, 1992

'PIECE OF CAKE', starring Randy Mixer (aka Cody Feelgood), by Falcon Video, early 1990's

I've had that list for awhile. Possibly some mistakes, but hey...



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Post by seahorses » Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:24 am

Anyone any idea of how, or where we can get hold of these titles in the UK. I would just love to have such a collection!

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Index Forum SS Videos

Post by ss8 » Tue Mar 28, 2006 1:22 pm

Will a separate index forum be available from the 'Home' page here? Could you also include all the contributed videos in the same forum so to view them one doesn't have to search thru history of all the post in general? thanx for the forum and all the work that goes into it

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List of self suck vids

Post by Rollover » Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:16 am

I don't have a list however I have found some vids posted on gay sites,
and I'd share however I don't know if there is a problem with doing that.

Al, maybe you could advise,one is of you and I don't know what the real title is.I found it while surfin the net,downloaded it,and enjoy it.

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Happy Boy
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Post by Happy Boy » Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:59 am

from a similar conversation a long time ago in a self suck group far far away...

Ron Jeremy was the first person I saw selfsuck on screen. I believe it was in
Lady is a Tramp starring the first Samantha Fox. In that film there
is a scene set in a Live Sex Show in NYC, and at the end of their
performance one lady licks her breast, while Veri Knotty ties her
pussy lips in a knot and Ron sucks himself w no hands.

I also remember Ron doing himself in Olympic Fever along with these
films from a question in a user group asking in which films he
performs autofellatio.

1. Lips
2. Fascination
3. Inside Seka
4. Kip Noll's Casting Couch
5. Devil In Miss Jones 2
6. Sulka's Wedding
7. Boobs, Butts And Bloopers

Most of this list was provided by RJ himself courtesy of an interview
in Hustler Magazine."

I believe there is also a self-suck scene in the new movie The Legend
of Ron Jeremy.

Another favorite of mine is the scene in Cosmopolitan Girls where he
screws a lady in the ass and licks her clit at the same time.
Flexibiliy has its rewards!
i know of a few others myself:

beyond de sade - you will probably have a hard time finding this one in these days of politically correct porno as it contains scenes of simulated rape and bondage. i have seen a clip of the ss scene posted

an adult shop that i used to frequent (before they went out of business) had these clip videos of oddities. some were mundane things like women with huge tits, some were people that were suposedly hermaphrodites but just looked like women with some sort of dildo attachments, but there were a few that had some self-sucking scenes in them. the series were on "raunch-o-rama" videos and had titles like "colossal combos", "tiny titties and amazing penetrations", and "freaks". they were long videos (some were 2-tape sets that clocked in around 6 hours) and there was probably only one or two ss scenes in the ones i saw.

oh, and a note on some of the others black sunshine mentioned...i purchased the "because they can" compilation long ago, and was really dissapointed. a lot of the guys barely make tongue contact with themselves, and i'm pretty sure at least one of them was faked. there were only a couple scenes that i thought were really i recall, the scenes were taken from 'head over heels', 'blow your own horn', and 'mouth organ'. i have no idea if the scenes chosen for 'because they can' were the best those videos had to offer, but if they were it doesn't bode well for them either.


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Post by babarseraglio » Wed Mar 29, 2006 2:34 am

Try a google search for VOD sites such as:
AEBN, where Al's vids are too
TLA / TLA on demand

It does take money..and time...but that's the only way to start a collection, he?
I might come up with my list a bit make your search easier


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Post by aleingang69 » Mon Apr 03, 2006 1:57 pm

Hey guys,
Thanks for all of your contributions!

Eddie: I have "variations on a theme" but don't know some of the other 8mm films you mentioned - have you seen them?

Seahorses: You could probably order some of the titles through TLA here in the States, though I'm not sure about getting them through Customs. Take a look at TLA:
< ... 76&kid=675>

SS8: I'll put a page on the Website when the list seems more complete. Do you know that you can tell which topics have pics/videos attached by looking for the little paer-clip image next to the title of the topic on the main page of each forum?

Rollover: I know that alot of videos circulate online these days, and as I've said a couple of times before: I hope that people will buy my videos from me or watch them online using the banner at the top of this page. I make part of my living from the videos and put a lot of work into keeping the site going - if I'm not making money from it then I won't have time to keep it all going or to make new videos. I know how tempting it is when it's all out there for free, but you'll also get much higher-quality videos if you buy them from me - the stuff online is highly compressed and the image quality is not great. End of sermon, and thanks for asking!

Thanks guys!
Lets keep the list going!

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Self Suck 8mm

Post by Eddie » Mon Apr 03, 2006 2:15 pm

Hi Al,

I owned or still own some of the 8mm films I mentioned in the list, but don't own a projector any longer. It was a hassle to maintain the old film stock which would frequently break, and need splicing.

With the advent of Video and now dvd's, there's not much use for early film, unless someone can convert it for an archive.

'Variations on a Theme' was something you copied onto one of your vids some years ago for me. That vid was stolen from me, so I no longer have it.

'Solo Man' with Brad Shaft is one I own, and one of the first fairly good ss films I had seen. He can't get much of his cock in his mouth however.

'Turned On' with Scott Taylor I own too, but again, he doesn't get much in his mouth. He self fucks in this film also.

'Rock Hard' with Ron Jeremy I owned, but it was mostly heterosexual stuff with a woman or women, and very little ss. I recall one of the women assists or watches him ss in one scene, which may have been the only ss scene.

The remaining ones I had only read about, but never found.

Hope this helps.

I have a list of self sucking actors too, which I will post when I have a chance. Some will include the films or vids they were in.

Keep up the good work Al! This is such a great site. Thanks for creating a meeting place for self suckers.


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8mm to dvd

Post by mso_lucky » Mon Apr 03, 2006 5:14 pm

There are different ways to convert film to numeric format.
One is putting a DV camcorder right beside a projector ...
which requires a projector and the quality may vary alot.
On the other and, we can achieve DVD quality by scanning about 10 frames at a time in high resolution, then assembling all the frames together with a video editing software. Downside.... time consuming.

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Self Suck videos

Post by phil » Tue Apr 04, 2006 7:58 am

Great project Al....

1. if you have a copy of the book The Art of Autofellatio by the late great friend of solosex and AF, Gary Griffin, there is a 5 page listing of self suck films with some detail at the end. My edition has films through about 1994 so we miss the big explosion of commercial ss films of the mid 1990s.

Just a quick note from the review of Solitaire which I believe is Al's first time on film, under the name of Paul Alexander.

"In one particular scene, Paul Alexander sucks himself off with such alacrity that you'd swear he was sucking off someone else."

Way to go Al!

If you don't have access to this, please let me know and I will mail a copy of that section to you snail mail at your address.

2. I am flattered to see Happy Boy repost an old posting of mine about Ron Jeremy's movies...glad to see it is still being shared.

3. Among the films in what I consider the golden age of commercial selfsucking movies 1994 - 1998 or so, just before the internet explosion, which will come to replace the mudshark in your mythology, no, I guess that is the vigorous circular motion - as Mr Zappa says..rub it... there were a couple of favorites missing....I lifted this from an ad selling these.

TITLE: Holding Their Own: Self-Sucking Soldiers (aka Soldiers Holding Their Own)
STARRING: Rod Matheson, Karl Thomas, Frank Sterling, Chance Caldwell.

1996, Directed by Paul Baressi, Jet Set Productions, 1 hr., 8 min.

Rod Matheson is the king of the plough position, can take most of his rod.

Self Suckin' Dildo Ridin' Rampage
(1997, 90 min)
Cast: Chance Caldwell, Rod, Sean, Frank, Grant
Director: Paul Barresi
Country: US
Studio: Jet Set
TLA Rating: Not yet rated.

Same themes but some anal and creative work like in Al's movies. For example Rod self sucks while watching a video of himself self fucking.

4. I also think the suggestion to take a look at sites which offer selfsuck vids for sale is a way to check and make sure we have as many films as we can.

Al and "Raising" Arizona...thanks for maintaining and constantly trying to improve this resource.


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Post by selfviking » Tue Apr 04, 2006 10:26 am

AFAIR Ron jeremy did his selfsuck trick in quite a lot of films, but mostly in short scenes and he never came in his mouth or face.

Some other films with one scene of female/male selfsuck interaction (or just watching) are:

Femme des sade (from the description it seems to be the same as beyond de sade)

Adorable Lola (french one with marylin jess)

French satisfaction

Every inch a lady

Les hotesses du sexe

homegrown video no. 568

cc-film "sex club"

New entry: der gloeckner vom blasgau (austrian amateur movie with a nice male/female selfsuck scene)

united colors of sex (dbm-video, the same actor as in french satisfaction, but a 15 years later)

P.S. I think TLA-Videos websites lists a lot of information around autofellatio related movies

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self suck videos

Post by powerjacker » Sat Apr 08, 2006 2:53 pm

Another good self-suck/self fuck vid is called "Pigboy 99"....

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Post by aleingang69 » Sat Apr 08, 2006 4:57 pm

Thanks guys,
I'm trying to figure out how to have a list on the site that can be updated easily when we get new info - I'll be working on that.
Using the list we have so far I want to start to put together a list of what I would call Self-suck videos/films, by which I mean videos/films that are primarily dedicated to selfsuck, as opposed to videos that just have self-suck content.
My list:
OUT-TAKES #1, (1993)
ONE MAN SHOW, (2000)
Never Lonely on Saturday Night (Admit One)
Autofellatio (Jet Set)
Autofellatio 2 (Pacific Sun)
Autofellatio 3 (Jet Set)
Autofellatio 1 & 3 Double Feature (Jet Set)
Mouth Organ (Vivid Video)
The Blow Your Own Horn Competition (Vivid Man)
HornyBoy Autofellatio Pack Vol. 1 (Rude Box Media)
Head Over Heels (All Worlds Video)
Head Over Heels 2 (All Worlds Video)
Because They Can (Vivid Video) - compilation of several other videos
Dreamsicle (Regiment)
Position Impossible (O Men Video)
Autofellatio Biographies (Erotic Men)
Self Suckin' Dildo Ridin' Rampage(1997, 90 min)
Holding Their Own: Self-Sucking Soldiers (aka Soldiers Holding Their Own)
Pigboy 99

I haven't seen most of these so I don't know for sure if they're primarily self-suck - all opinions, and amendments are welcome.

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