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Al's self-suck how-to, plus the AFTutor photo-series, and a
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Disclaimer: Like any extreme sport, auto-fellatio can be dangerous. If you end up hurting yourself while doing it, or you lose your job or your social life because you've got your dick in your mouth 24 hours a day, I cannot accept any responsibility. You're a grown man. You do want you want to do, and you accept responsibility for your own actions.

Al Eingang's self-suck how-to
- Basic concepts
- Popular positions illustrated

About the Positions

So which position is best? Sorry - there are no hard-and-fast rules here; every man is different and the only way to figure out which positions will work best for you is to experiment. I've never understood the attraction of the X position, but there are plenty of guys who love it. Here are my thoughts on the basic positions:

The "C" Position

The C position is probably the the first position most men who try self-sucking end up using because it's the most obvious; you're sitting or standing there, playing with your cock and you think "I wonder if I could suck it?". So what do you do? You bend over to see how close you can get, and you're in the C position. If you're just starting out and you do this and your cock goes into your mouth the first time you try then - congratulations! - you're a lucky man (though you might want to read my "Health warnings for the extra-flexible").
For most men this is the moment of decision; it's either "damn, there's no way I'm ever going to be able to do that" and you go back to jerking off or trying to find somebody else to suck it for you, or you decide that it's worth putting some time and effort into figuring out how to get your best friend (your cock) into your mouth.

Getting into the C
You will need:
Your body
A surface to set it on; not too soft, not too hard
An erection

So you're naked, you've got a hard-on, you're ready to suck, but where should you do it? If it's not too soft you'll find that a bed is a great spot for autofellatio - it gives you a nice flat surface to stretch out on and, if it's the right height (around the same as from the bottoms of your feet to just above your knees) it also offers a chair-like edge that you can sit on. If it's too soft it'll make things more difficult, if it's too hard your ass will hurt, and if it's the wrong height you'll probably want to find a chair to use.
Let's start out on the bed with your legs stretched out in front of you. MMM MMM MMM - look at that tasty cock; so beautiful, so mouthwateringly tempting. You bend over to lick the head and... ouch. Not even close. So it's time to stretch. I'm not going to into the all of the fine points of stretching here: you can find tons of info on the Web, and you might even want to invest in a book about it. What you need to know here is this: stretching is not just about loosening up your spine. Bend over like you're going to lick your dick and where do you feel the first stretch? Probably in your legs. Successful oral masturbators need to be flexible pretty much everywhere; from the top of the neck down to their feet. This kind of all-over flexibility will allow you to chow down on your bone with the greatest finesse and the least likelihood of injury. It's also good for you!
As I said earlier - the best way to get flexi is to find a really good yoga teacher and if you ask me, Iyengar style yoga is your best bet; it'll teach you about your body and develop the all-over flexibility that you need, and it'll keep on reminding you that it's really good to work on your backwards flexibility along with the front bends. A good Pilates class is a good bet too, although the emphasis is often on strength, if you take Pilates at a gym. Whatever you do, you're not gonna get your johnson in your mouth if your legs are tight, so start with them if you're stretching on your own. So: sit down on a flat surface with your legs straight out in front of you and try to bend forward from the waist without bending your back. Feel that pull all the way down your legs? That's the tightness hat you need to work on with your stretching book, video or class.
So you've got your legs nice and loose and you bend forward and your forehead is sitting there on your knees. You can look back at your hard, lonely cock from that position; maybe blow it a kiss, but your not gonna blow it in that position, are you? Time to start working on your spine and your back! If your legs are loose you should be able to wrap your arms around them. The higher on your legs you can go with your arms the closer your mouth is going to be to your cock and, as you get closer the curve in your spine will increase.


The AFTutor photo-series. Click for page: 1 2 3 4 5

Thanks to AFTutor for producing this wonderful 5-page how-to guide.
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