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1992 Adult Video News Gay Video Awards nominee in the "Best Solo Performance" category
REVIEW: Al Eingang, the phenomenal auto-fellationist of A Young Man From Nantucket  and Self-Sufficient, has recently released the third in his series of home movies demonstrating his unparalleled gift for self-suck.  It is called Because He Can, an obvious reference to the old joke that answers the question, "Why is a dog always licking his own cock?"
 Indeed, Eingang (who has neglected to bill himself or anyone else connected with this production) can lick his own seven- or eight-incher, and in the years since he first began to share his skills with the video-viewing audience, he has obviously put in a great many hours of practice, for he has come closer and closer to deep-throating himself with each successive production, and here at last he proves able to devour himself completely-- all the way down to the base of his own tall, thick shaft.
 Divided into four not-dissimilar segments, Because He Can  is strictly a one-man show from start to finish, but if you are fascinated by the art of auto-fellatio, these vignettes include truly amazing footage.  In the first sequence, Eingang fucks himself with an oversized dildo as big as a baseball bat and trusses up his pendulous balls with a leather strap, alternately gobbling his plum-topped erection and jacking off in a rumpled bed.
 The second episode is set in a garage or workroom where the youthful, double-jointed star is found sitting against a rude wooden ladder, doing his thing as an unbilled still photographer snaps photos.  After warming up in sitting and standing positions, Eingang ultimately lies on his back, throws his heels over his head, braces them on the rungs of the ladder, and sets about to facefuck himself.  He drills his cock into his own mouth (and throat) with hard, rocking thrusts until he totally deep-throats himself, then pulls out to pour an overflowing stream of semen between his waiting lips.
 The third sequence, set in a black limbo, includes a bit of ball-licking and a great deal of tit-play before he again begins to facefuck himself, even more energetically than before.  As always, he drops a copious load, and in many ways this is the most all-consuming performance of the four.
 The concluding sequence finds Eingang once again in his bed, and includes some unusual top shots before his unbelievable orgasm-- during which he sucks himself between each spurt, but always removes his cock from his mouth to let the camera record each voluminous volley.  Such control is a sight to behold.
 Because He Can  is similar in style, action, and approach to Eingang's earlier videos, only improving on what he has done before.  The production values remain virtually nil, the lighting is often harsh or murky, and the intermittent musical background is as vaguely Oriental as ever-- but while the videography is still often clumsy, whoever shoots his films has certainly learned to capture his performance from all the right angles, often in amazingly tight close-ups.  And here, three of the four money shots are presented twice, first in a medium shot, and then via instant replay in tight close-up
 In Because He Can,  Al Eingang once again proves himself to be role model, patron saint, and object of envy for all would be auto-fellationists.

Jerry Douglas
Manshots magazine, August '92

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