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 The second auto-fellatio tape from Peghouse Video, Self-Sufficient, again features that phenomenal contortionist named Al Eingang, the self-made star of A Young Man From Nantucket.  In his second tour de force he remains (as he was described in Manshots' MAY 1989 review of the first tape) "a lean blond with the face of an english schoolboy and the body of a pretzel"
 In fact, Self-Sufficient  is very similar in tone and content to the original tape.  This is cottage video.  The production values are negligible, there is no music, and the videography (although somewhat more fluid than in the first) tends to remain relatively static.  On the other hand, for fans of this sport, the action captured here is unparalleled.  Al Eingang is the most remarkable auto-fellationist we have ever seen in person, print, or motion pictures.
 In a letter accompanying the review copy of this tape, Eingang writes that when he embarked upon the making of this second tape, "I sent out a questionnaire asking the guys on my mailing list what they would like to see... and this is what I came up with.
 What he has come up with is a series of variations on the action of the first tape.  Here, he demonstrates his ability to go down on himself from standing, sitting, and supine positions, again and again demonstrating his ability to take virtually all of his hefty rod.  Among the variations this time out: he pleasures himself live in front of his own image on a television monitor; he comes inside his own mouth, then allows the jism to ooze out of his lips and run down his shaft; he shaves his balls while chewing on his pulpy cockhead; he devours himself in front of mirror that provides a second view of the action; he indulges in an orgy of self-exploration, licking his nipples, stuffing his hand in his mouth, and then his foot; he slowly jacks off a healthy load onto his waiting, outstretched tongue.
 Eingang, as we have noted before, is a singular sexualist, able to tongue, lick, suck, chew, and ingest more of himself than most men dream about.  Among his most amazing feats are his ability to dive freehanded on his upstanding erection (like a dog catching a bone), his languorous prickteasing (of both himself and the viewer) by gradually taking more and more of himself with each successive plunge, his penchant for sucking his balls while his erection brushes over his eyes and forehead, his assplay with a dildo while giving himself head, his enthusiastic, almost tender lip suction, and finally his ability to facefuck himself with steady, rhythmic strokes.
 Self-Sufficient  is no more nor less mesmerizing than A Young Man From Nantucket-- only more of the same unbelievable action that must be seen to be believed.

       Jerry Douglas
       Manshots Magazine
       April '91

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