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Out-takes #1 is a collection of good, hot stuff that I didn't use in my first three videos.  These are all scenes that I shot by myself; just me and the  camera (and you).  There are a few scenes of me fucking myself, with my cock and with a dildo, plus a few surprises.  I suck myself in just about every possible position; standing, sitting on a stool and bending over to wrap my tongue around the head of my cock, on my back with my legs thrown over my head fucking my face, and sitting on the bed facing the camera, giving my cock a nice, slow, thorough going over.  There's also some interesting JO footage and lots of cum.

 Most of the second half is a scene I shot while making Because He Can.  I set myself up one night in a sling chair in a dark room with a spotlight, and the camera close up. During most of this scene it really looks like I'm sucking another man's cock.  In this scene you really get to see how I get off when the camera isn't on: the world narrows down to mouth and cock and balls, to the pleasure that no one else could ever give me because itís my tongue on my glans,  my swollen cockhead sliding into my throat, my teeth on  my ballsac, just right.  I love to let myself go soft, and then suck myself hard again,  to feel my prick swell in my mouth, to lap at the head until itís shiny and hard, then slide it in all the way until my balls are resting on my face, filling my nose with mansmell.  I suck it and jack it off with the head in my mouth until I can't hold it any more, then drop a fat load on my tongue and let it slide down my throat.

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