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There was a young man from Nantucket, whose dick was so long he could suck it...
 You may have seen that ditty scrawled on a men's room wall.  But.., believe me, you haven't seen a young man--or a video-- like this.  It's Triple X, Four-Star, Perfect-Ten hot!   The solo star, Al Eingang, is lean, pale and cute--with a huge, big-headed dick. Add to that a spectacularly perverse sensuality, and the spine of a contortionist.
 This is the story of a boy and his dick.  No frills, no pretentions.  The video looks almost homemade, shot in a loft with a funky sheet hanging as a backdrop.  Forget high-tech, forget makeup and hairdo credits.  Sex is what you get here; intimate, real, down-and-slurpy sex.
 Maybe you've been impressed by guys who can touch the tip of their tongue to the top of their dick?  We enter another dimension here.  Young Al gives himself an old-fashioned, head-bobbing blow job.  Standing, he bends at the waist and sucks, eats, and chews his swollen dick.  He pinches the tit beneath his torn, slept in T-shirt, then straightens up and shoots right at the camera.
 How, I thought, can he top that?
 Easy!  In the second segment he fucks himself with his own dick!  He lies back on some pillows, lubes his asshole, pokes his dickhead past his greasy sphincter, and moves the length of his cock in and out of his gripping hole.  Then  he sticks a big black dildo up his ass alongside his own dick!  He jerks off fucking himself with the dildo.
 Next, lying on his back, he throws his legs over his head and dangles his cock over his face.  It's soft at first; he sucks it hard, taking it almost to the root.  He pulls his off his dick, and licks his own balls, washing his tongue over each fat nut.  Then he begins to fuck his mouth, fucking down, his ass and balls above his face.  He builds up steam till he's fucking hard.  A faint moan and gasp, and he's cumming. His dick jerks and he's shooting all over his face and into his mouth.
 In the final scene, he's on his back.  His head is propped on a pillow as he flips his knees behind his ears; his meal-sized dick is aimed straight at his face.  He brings it to his lips.  He licks his hard wet cock, wipes it all over his face, touches the piss slit to his forehead.  We can see the dark crack of his hairy asshole less than a foot in front of his face, can almost taste the goose bumps on his fat, shaved balls.  He licks his juicy cockhead, sucks it in, eats himself.  He pulls his asshole closer to his face, and licks his balls.  Glassy-eyed, he stares at the risen, glistening, firm pole of flesh in front of him, worshipping his god.  It's an astonishing act of self-love.  To hell with cathedrals and madrigals; this  is sacred!
 Building to a climax, he strokes his dick rock-hard, then face-fucks himself till he explodes, spraying cum on his cheeks, spattering his nostrils.
 Silence.  His eyes are closed.  He takes a few moments to recover his breath, then eases himself up, out of camera frame.  A quick, blurred shot shows him in silhouette, with collar up, going out the door.
 I have no more superlatives to add.  And I have no connections to this video.  This is just one man's opinion, but here's my advice.  Take your allowance; take the rent fund; take the money for Mama's operation-- and send for this video.  Now!  You owe it to yourself.

        Michael E. O'Conner
        Torso Magazine
        April '89

 "Six years ago, after one viewing of this auto-fellatio, self-penetration video, my sexual relationship with myself radically changed.  At forty, I was exploring my body as frontier.  I developed new ceremonies of self-loving.  Hundreds of men who have taken advanced sex seminars from me after I saw this astonishing video have been asked to prepare by learning to stretch into the Plow yoga position.  Thank you, Al Eingang.  This video goes way beyond what   most of us think  is erotically possible.

        Joseph Kramer

 That nameless man from Christopher Rage's Master Hyde,  the one who could suck more of his own dick than anyone else in videoland, is back.  This time he's the sole subject of There Was A Young Man From Nantucket, and for about an hour he demonstrates his extraordinary ability.
 Clearly, he made this video portrait of himself; just him and the camera and, ultimately, you, the relentless viewer.  Only one other auto-fellatio exhibitionist has tread on this ground before, the legendary David Lust-- long since retired.  The catalogue of David's work is impressive, hours upon hours of the California blond slurping on his long dick.  In the case of the "young man from Nantucket" there is only the brief appearance in Christopher Rage's video and this exclusive portrait.  Simply put, no one does it better.
 The videography is good, amateur but certainly acceptable.  Actually it stands up to a number of allegedly professional commercial releases.  There is an interesting soundtrack mixed with ambient background noise and...something else.  The action is first-rate, the guy can suck his own dick and can do it in a number of positions.  This is specialized fare, to be sure, and that's what independent video is all about.
       John Rowberry
       Inches Magazine
       July '90

Though technically an amateur tape and practically impossible to find, this remains for me one of the most haunting pieces of video I've seen to date.  It's ironic that most people don't like solo tapes all that much, even though most of the time they spend watching videos, they're whacking off solo.  I have to agree that solo scenes are usually, at best, appetizers for "real" sex, or poor excuses for getting a straight performer out of his clothes.  The problem with most solo scenes is that the performers tend to milk their penises while staring off into space, rather than commit a real act of passion with their own bodies.
 This is a video that arrived in the office of The Advocate  a few days after I took the job of adult-video reviewer, back in June of 1988.  It set the pace then for how I look at solo material now.  Al Eingang is a somewhat plain looking guy in what I'd guess to be his mid 20s.  His one claim to fame is that he can take more of his own dick down his throat than most guys can take of someone else's.  In addition to owning one of the thickest, veiniest, chewiest dicks in gay video and having the talented spine and mouth necessary to perform the feats of derring-do that he does in the way of auto-fellatio, he can also with seemingly great ease slip that dick up his own butt to keep a lonely dildo company.
 Al is a living tribute to every night any of us have ever spent up late, horny, and bored, with ourselves.  Al re-invents the obvious solution to the dilemma.  About every 60 seconds in the video, he comes up with a new way to masturbate, culminating each time with blowing a big load onto his own outstretched tongue.  He erases every excuse you ever had for thinking there is only one way to get yourself off.

    Dave Kinnick's Top Ten Videos Of All Time
    Best Of Advocate Men '91

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